The Gourmet Dad is Back!



It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here on the Gourmet Dad, and I’m really excited to be back to it! I’ve spent the last several months working on myself and our family, and I can’t wait to get back in the swing of things here on The Gourmet Dad.


I’ll be blogging about everything from fitness to kid-friendly foods to family. Over the last few months it’s been incredibly important for me to stay healthy, focus on my sobriety and do everything I can to be the best husband and father possible. It’s been a difficult year, but I’m happy to say that I’m doing better than ever. And the same goes for our family. We’re stronger than ever and I’m excited to share our family’s milestones with all of you.


I also wanted to thank all of you for your support over the last several months. T and I have received so many messages from you guys offering us your love and strength, and it’s been just incredible to have so much support from so many amazing people.


So to celebrate the relaunch of The Gourmet Dad, I wanted to put together a cool giveaway for you guys.  I’ve gotten into Instgram lately, so I thought it would be fun to give one of you an Instagram video shoutout. So just leave a comment with a question for me and I’ll choose a winner and post a video answering your question.


Here’s how you can enter:


  1. FOLLOW. Make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram (@ImDeanMcDermott).
  2. COMMENT. Leave me a comment below asking me a question that you want me to answer in an Instagram video. leave your Instagram name and Twitter handle so I can contact you if you win and also give you a shoutout when I post the video.
  3. CHECK BACK. Come back to The Gourmet Dad next week to see if you won!


Thanks for your support and here’s to The Gourmet Dad!



Gourmet Dad

    Dean, I am proud of you for making changes in your life. Please don’t waste Tori’s faith in you or her second chance. :)

  • Debra Elliott


    First let me say I glad to see you back. My question is as a busy dad, how do you find time to spend quality time with your family and make the most of sit-down family meals?

    Twittter: @debraannelliott

    Instagram: debraannelliott



  • lisa

    Everyone is always so focused on making healthy meals, but I recently became curious about also the cookware we use to cook these healthy foods. What are the safest and healthiest cookware options to use? For example, Would de Buyer mineral pans be the best option? Or good old cast iron? Is Teflon really that bad? What about the spoons, silicone, plastic, metal, or wooden? We know BPAs are bad, but what about the BPSs in BPA-free plastics? Should we avoid plastics completely? Then Ive come across information about leads in ceramic dishes. Would clear glass be the best? Its so overwhelming, but we want to do our best on both sides of the kitchen! And we are always eager and welcoming to keep learning. We love Tori and Dean and The Gourmet Dad! We are so happy you are back!

    • lisa

      Twitter: Godisfrusciante
      Instagram: Godisfrusciante

  • Meggy-Kate Gutermuth

    I have been following you guys forever – you, Tori and your big beautiful family have been a huge inspiration on my life and my long term long distance relationship with my man in the UK. I am so happy for you and proud of you and your family’s transformation and growth and I just can’t wait to see what you guys do next! My question is what is your kids favourite dinner meal to prepare? Thank you guys for sharing your lives with us and inspiring so many!


  • Nicole Osmond

    Do your kids like to cook with you? If so, what is their/your favorite meal to prepare and cook together? I know my daughter absolutely loves helping me in the kitchen and there’s nothing I love more than getting her involved in the cooking process and sharing with her the joy I have in prepping/cooking healthy meals for my family.

    instagram- @veigs1108
    twitter- @nro1108

  • Kim Halper

    Do you believe in low/no carb cooking and if so what’s one of your most favorite recipes with this???

  • greekmama

    what is the easiest meal to cook with a GROUP of kids? as a parent volunteer in my sons classroom, we are always looking for activities for the class to do..
    thank you!!

  • Karen

    I’d love to know your favorite thing about each of your children. Which one is funny, thoughtful, a great helper in the kitchen, etc. Thanks Dean! Instagram/Twitter: jerseybabydollx

  • Alaina Danielle


    What is your absolute FAVORITE thing to cook?


    Twitter & Instagram: @alaina_danielle

  • Sharon Astles

    Hi Dean! So excited that you and T are doing well. My question is what is your secret to getting your sweet kiddos to eat healthy vegetables with their meals?

    instagram – @sharonkastles
    twitter – @sharonkastles

  • Sarahdeelaney

    So happy you two are working things out. Tori is a one of a kind special lady. You have true gold there. While she is very strong and put together, don’t forget to pamper her daily and allow her to be vulnerable. Time does not heal everything but time does allow for more chances to build trust in a “new relationship”. I hope that over time you both come to a place where you are not only stronger than ever, but deeper in love & happier than you’ve both ever been.

  • Kattee Forche

    Hello Dean!
    I’m a huge fan of your family-I’m glad you are back!! My husband & I both work full time, I am wondering if you have any ideas for make ahead meals that we can toss together when we get home- something that maybe might work for even 2 different meals with the same ingredients. Sometimes it’s too easy to order take out.
    Thanks a bunch.
    (Hi Tori, love you!!)
    My instagram name & my twitter name are the same @gokatteego

  • Gilda Roxana Cobbs

    Dean, I am very happy for you, Tori, and your beautiful children. Hugs to all of you.

  • Melody Clark

    What is your favorite go-to dish that you would bring to a gathering at a friend’s house? I’m always trying to change it up but have to be realistic in how a dish will travel and how it will hold if preparing ahead of time. So nice to see you back and I just adore your beautiful family! I wish you all the best!

    Twitter: @mamamtn
    Instagram: @msmelodys

  • Pam

    Glad to see you two back together and appears to be going strong. You have a wonderful wife and children, stay strong for them.

  • Samantha Boehmer

    Dear Dean,
    As a busy momma of two, and full time out of home worker what is your bedt strategy for meal planning on a budget with healthy food? Proud of you for sharing your story with the world. twitter:srice11698 and instagram:srice11698

  • Kristenia Johnson

    Hello Dean,
    I am admittedly not good at cooking, I try but am not very creative. I wonder if you have a favorite spice, sauce, oil, etc. that you can recommend to add a little flavor or zest to liven up food?

    Thank you!
    Instagram – @xtenia
    twitter – @savingsylvie

  • Doreena

    Welcome back!! I’m rooting for you & your family!
    I love baked Mac & cheese do you have a favorite recipe & also a vegan version? Twitter/instagram @bozjovi

  • ‘Mrs. Fields’

    Hi Dean! Happy to see you back on The Gourmet Dad! I work full time, but my PASSION is making cakes. So, I have a small cake business on the side. My question is: What would be your dream birthday cake? Flavor, size, theme??
    Take care!
    Instagram: Sweetwater_Cakes
    I haven’t joined the twitter world.

  • Shanta Miller

    my twitter handle is @ShantaRMiller, You have a big family with 5 growing kids so What is an easy way to cook a lot of food so no one leaves the table hungry but your not wasting food either since you are on a budget? My other question is What is a good exercise to get rid of the mid section fast when you can’t do a sit up?

  • trace taylor

    On your busiest day, what is your go to meal for your family?

  • KBHawkins00

    Hi Dean! I’m so glad to hear that things are going well for you and Tori. I’ve got an extremely picky eater on my hands, and he really objects to vegetables other than peas, green beans, and corn. How can I help him be open to trying more things?

  • Erin Taggart

    I am @seekrapunzel on both twitter and instagram. I love pork, but my husband refuses to eat it bc its always cooked the same. Do you have any good pork chop recipes that dont involve apples or lemon/garlic? (I dont use all 3 together just to clarify) lol

    Glad to see you back. Been routing for you since day 1!

  • Denise

    Hey Dean, So glad that things are better for you.

    Ideas for quick, easy, affordable, yet healthy meals??

  • Art Good

    My Twitter and Instagram handles are “artgood.” My question: How did you find the courage to take on a new career challenge (cooking)? I turn 41 in October and want to begin following my passion for food into a full-fledged culinary career, possibly as a personal chef. Thanks!

  • Renee-Timur Nazikoglu

    Hi, I was wondering if you have any tips on feeding 3 hungry kids, with 1 peanut allergy, in a hurry? As soon as I walk into the kitchen they seem to flock like vultures. Kids ages are 5, 3, and 2. Any help?
    Twitter and instagram: @TsOldLady

  • Amy Sussman

    What was the worst meal you ever made?
    Twitter @AmySussman
    Instagram Merrilyuphill

  • Christina Gildner

    My Twitter and Instagram are FinePrincessCJ..
    How do you manage your celiac?

  • Pdnl Deshaw

    I don’t have Instagram, Dean :-(

  • Rachel’casey Chan

    Im a first time mom to one, so getting the cooking scheduled down for my fiance and our daughter Paisley is still new to me, so what my question is, What is a fast easy recipe that doesn’t take super long but still has that amazing taste that seems like it took hours!
    My instagram is – @Sunsetswithpaisley0430
    Twitter is – @adhdmama
    Happy to see your back at it:)

  • Angela Lester

    How do you handle the Now neverending gossip of your marriage?
    Also what is your favorite everyday classic family dinner, one that the kids like!


  • Leslie Pleasants

    Twitter and Instagram is @TodaysEveryMom
    Q: What is your favorite family dish to make that doesn’t take very long? (school is back and with sports = crazy house!) :)

  • Lori Marshall

    With the kids going back to school and fall sport practices kicking off, I need help to keep it healthy on the go! Between school and sports it seems like my family is always on the go and it is a daily struggle to keep us on the healthy food track. I fight pulling into the closest drive-thru but I have been stumped on what I whip up a healthy snack or quick on the go meal. What is your favorite go to healthy snack or meal to keep your family healthy when life gets crazy busy?

    Instagram: @1girlofsummer

  • Lisa D

    I have little slightly picky eaters. I am becoming more adventurous with our food and luckily, the wee ones are appreciating and accepting it. One food, which sounds silly, that I really want to not only make for my kids but also myself since I have always shied away from, is tuna. Do you have any thoughts or input on how to make a delicious, kid-friendly (and mom-friendly lol) canned tuna dish that will have us wanting seconds and not trying to slip it to the dog under the table? Following on Twitter @MsLisaChristine and on Instagram ImHisBella813 and welcome back!

  • Julie Kincaid Rose

    Hi Dean! So happy for you and your family; keep up the great work! I know it’s hard! My question is…I’ve been a family childcare provider for 20 years. My husband and I have lost a combined 208 lbs since December. Obviously we are on the healthy eating track. I’d like to pass this along to the little cherubs in my care. Could you please share with me some toddler-friendly snacks that the children would eat and enjoy? Thanks so much! :-)

    Instagram: daycarediva27

  • Bridee Schrier

    Dean! I am so happy to hear you and Tori are doing good! I have 5 kids too and I know how hard it can be to keep the marriage strong. I only wish the best for you 2! My kids and I loved your show (tori & dean)… we were just in LA area the other day and saw a pretty blond and they thought it was Tori! It was pretty funny. Please let us know how you handle being a short order cook for all 5 different taste buds?! I know my kids all like different things and it is so hard to manage it all into 1 meal! Thanks for your advise!
    Instagram: brideeschrier

  • Rachel Buell

    With all of your many talents, how did you come to the decision that being a chef is best for you? Twitter-RachelMBuell. Instagram-Rachel Buell.

  • Amy Heywood

    My Twitter handle is amyrheywood. I have followed you and Tori since the beginning of your relationship. I really miss your show!!! I have the first season on DVD and watched it a lot when I was pregnant. Congratulations on your sobriety. I’m happy for you and your family. My question is: the kids are going back to school. They are 10 and 8. I work at home and my husband works as well and also is in school full time. We are a healthy family. We are runners and try to keep our kids active, but in the mornings, I find myself throwing their lunches together and putting things in there that aren’t so healthy because I’m in a hurry, on a tight budget, and tired. Do you have suggestions for healthy, quick and affordable school lunches? Congratulations again. I love your family! ~Amy

  • Terra Hayes

    Glad you are back! I am working hard to make healthy foods for my family, but my kids always complain about veggies. Help me to find a preparation for veggies or another way to introduce them in the meals. My picky kids are 10 and 9. The 14 year old just makes a face and then keeps eating because he knows that is best. :) Instagram tikibugs Twitter @terrahayes

  • Amanda Betch

    so happy for you two its amazing what true love can do. dean, what did you find was the most important aspect to help with your of overcoming your depression?

  • JennyeCooley

    I am a breast cancer survivor trying to incorporate healthy eating. My husband is the PICKIEST eater ever! Any tips on eating and cooking healthy that can be fun and inviting to my husband? instagram mrs.cool618 twitter JennyeCooley618

  • Loretta Foulkrod

    So happy for your blessiings. You two were made for each other, and you DO have a deep and abiding love. Thank you, Dean, for your food blog. We are all going to love it!

  • mell1201

    We are so glad to see you back. You and your family have been in our prayers. Restoration is an amazing gift God gives us. I’m glad all of you have accepted that gift. @mell1201

  • Kimberley Henbury-Newton

    What is your favorite food to cool for your family and what is one food that Tori always wants that you make healthy?
    Kimnewt1 on Instagram.

  • Erika T.

    Hey Dean, As a busy mom of two boys and also a childcare provider out of my home I’m always looking for new meals to make that are kid approved. what are your go to kid friendly, healthy meals? Thanks! Instagram: erika2428 Twitter @bellabrunette85

  • Trace Smith

    Hi Dean, looking forward to your blog posts again. My question for you is a cooking question. — What is your favorite thing(s) to make during the summer for you, Tori and the kids. -Thanks, Tracee (@TR4C33 on twitter/Instagram)

  • Amanda Burrows

    Hi Dean, a fan from Canada, twitter ammo85 instagram amandaburrows230 You know pinterest.. and all these wonderful posts.. have you heard of the site pinterest fail, it’s funny posts people post when they try to make something and it fails miserably… has that ever happened? What’s your favorite, funniest moment of food failure? I thought we’d find the humor, in a humorless week #riprobinwilliams Cheers, Amanda

  • Tina

    I m so happy that you and Tori made it through that difficulty. You have a beautiful family. And I enjoy watching you cook on television, your food looks awesome.

  • Vicky Scanlon

    So good to hear that everything is falling into place, I would love to see ideas on gluten free meals. My husband is diabetic and I have a wheat allergy, having a heck 8f a time figuring out dinners for me and my hubby and our 15 year old obese son who hates vegis. Any ideas?

  • stephanie lester

    Glad you are getting back to normal life, praying for you and your family. Question, I have a 2 year old sweet little girl who is such a picky eater. I am not a huge cook and I am kind of picky/simple eater too. What are some things you have made for your little ones that they love to eat, that may be simple but fun for them? twitter: @stephlester325 instagram: @slester325

  • Melissa Constantine

    I love to cook, my husband loves my cooking, he is always taking pictures of dinner and posting on FB to let the world know how good I am, one dish I cannot master is Shrimp Scampi, the sauce is always to runny, any suggestions?

  • Heidi Granatelli

    Welcome back Deano!! I am truly excited and happy for your family. I love watching all your shows. Thank you for allowing us to watch your growth and recovery. You and Tori are strong and I never doubted you getting through everything.
    I would like to know: What is the strangest thing you have cooked that your family gobbled up? heidirulz is both my instagram and twitter handle. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Kim Feather

    Tori,Tori,Tori, Please.what r u doing to your name.

  • Susan Grayson

    Hi Dean. Just let you know that I am deaf. We met once at the Bookends with T. So glad to see you back on Twitter, your blog and instagram and happy I have two questions.

    #1) How do you deal with all the negative marks from strangers?
    #2 is How long does lemon stay fresh after you cutting lemons?
    #3) What meal does your kids love the most?

    If you planning to shout out to me, please write on your answer on paper or board so I can read you. If you knew sign languages, that would be great.

    Twitter: suegrayson
    Instagram: suegrayson

  • Erin Diandra

    From a fellow Canadian really happy to see you doing well :) my question is what was your favourite foods to cook at the cottage?! @erinjuly4 on twitter and instagram

  • YvetteD

    I recently had gastric sleeve surgery. Have lost 75 lbs. I am totally bored and out of ideas for easily digested high protein meals. I don’t tolerate chicken well, not a big red meat eater. I am really struggling and my weight loss has really slowed down. Still have far to go. HELP!
    What is your best tasting high protein low carb meal??
    Twitter: HotchicaInMe
    Instagram: MrsMcDecker
    ps Kuddos to you and T for giving it another go : )

    • Bruce Sutherland

      My wife had the sleeve surgery too so I understand your frustration. Fish is probably your best bet for good protein, as long as you stay away from the deep fryer and season with a variety of flavors like pepper, lemon, dill or blackening spice. Snacking on toasted soy nuts on top of other nuts is good. Look into for an easy way to get a variety of healthy snacks delivered monthly. Hummus makes a great dip for carrots, celery, bell peppers or broccoli, whether you buy it or learn to make it yourself.

      • YvetteD

        Bruce, thank you for the great suggestions! My husband made me some hummus…and I love him dearly for his efforts : ) Think we will try again, maybe find a better recipe. I love fish and thought I would never tire of Salmon… I was wrong. Funny, you mention nuts. I told my PA that I was craving almonds and he said I could never eat nuts! Yeah, that was the last time I saw him. Again, thanks for the great tips and kuddos to your wife. Sounds like she has a wonderful support!

        • Bruce Sutherland

          You may want a second opinion on nuts because you may not digest them as well as before. For fish, tilapia is a versatile and relatively inexpensive option, depending on where you live. Leaner pork cuts are good too.

  • Erin Jolly-Whitemarsh

    I’m so happy to see you maintaining your positive lifestyle! My question is: how can I make an elegant meal for my husband and I, yet still something my 4 and 10 year olds will eat? And suggestions for what to cook. Twitter: tanmadsawmom IG: tanmadsawmom

  • Karen

    Glad to hear that you all are doing so well. My husband is 25 years clean & sober…I know you can do it too! I would love to know how you get your children to eat the food you make. My kids are now 9 & 11, so you would think they eat it all. That’s not the case! I still make 2-3 different dinners every night and it’s driving me insane. Help this desperate mom!!

  • Debbie Pickett

    Good for you Dean!!! One day at a time is all we can do keep up the positive work look for the positive in everything!!! God Bless

  • Kathy Earwood

    This is fantastic for you and your awesome family. I think this blog will give you accountability where you won’t fall back into bad habits. Also, you are helping others to get the help they need and through the process all to have accountability. You are a great person, as we all make mistakes. Your fans love you and most certainly, God loves you. Make each day a new beginning to do your best and be your best for your wife and your family. Wishing you nothing but the best.

  • snowflake66

    Dear Dean: Both you and Tori were very brave to tape your intense,
    personal issues with the world. It has helped me in my own marriage, and
    has made me want to keep trying to make it work. What would you say is
    most important with regard to regaining trust, faith, and honesty in a

    PS My twitter name is: snowflake1966 (I don’t have an instagram account yet).

  • Colette Copeland

    I’m really happy to see you all together and pulling through and getting stronger. Love your Cottage adventures. Love from a fellow Canadian.

  • Angel Elmer

    I’m glad your back and getting healthy. The question I have is what tools are your favorite kitchen tools and where can you find them?

    My Twitter is Angele71
    My Instagram is angelelmer1971

    Welcome Back Look forward to more recipes

  • Megan Williams

    Dean, I love to cook but I find my picky kids make the gourmet or higher skilled cooking difficult, Can you think of anything that would allow me to push myself in the kitchen but can be prepped or prepared separately for the kiddos? Thanks!
    IG: Peaches_to_Beaches

  • Dana

    I am one of your biggest cheerleaders for your family. Thumbs up. Would love to see some good comfort food recipes.

  • Candice Shelton

    What is your favorite go to recipe when you have limited time?
    Twiiter- @Can25

  • Mama2West

    Outside of Tori and your 5 lovely children, who or what is your most influential inspiration in daily life and creativity?

  • Tanya Powers

    First off…so proud of you and tori for not giving up on each other. To have that much love for each other is amazing. I applaud you guys for having the courage to make a mistake right and learn from it. Ok. On to my question….I love cooking for my 2 pre teen boys and myself but I am sick of the typical sides. Potatoes, corn, pasta, rice. Salad is not my kids favorite nor are typical side veggies. Kinda feel like I’ve hit a wall here…help us!

  • Jen

    So glad to hear you all are doing well! You and Tori are an inspiration and show what marriage is really about…sticking by each other for better or worse, in good times and in bad times. So proud of you for your sobriety!!! Keep it up! You have a ton of fans behind you 100%!! As for a question, when you know your upcoming week will be insanely busy what helps you to make sure your family gets a healthy home cooked meal as often as possible?

  • Holly Nicole

    Hi Dean, I have been working very hard to consistently live a healthier lifestyle. I have lost over 130 lbs and I am still going. I am slowly convincing my Fiancé to cook and eat like I do and I am in need of some great ideas that are easy, tastes great (and Fiancé friendly) for my new lifestyle. I like all lean meats and fish.
    If possible do you have a few Bison recipes? Thanks again for running this contest. Congrats to both you and Tori, I love you both and thank you for sharing your lives with us. Love and light my friend xo

  • Courtney Youngs

    Hey Dean! I am a military wife so I spend a lot of nights eating with just my little one while my husband is working late. I am also a full time student and I’m wondering what kind of recipes you would recommend that are easy and healthy that I could offer.

    Congratulations on getting your life back on track! I am so glad to see you and Tori making it! :)

    Twitter: @cjmyoungs

  • Negar

    Hi would you work with Tori again?

    I’m glad you are feeling better.


  • Shawn Orr

    Hi! Proud of the progress you are making!

    What is a family favorite that you enjoy preparing that the entire family enjoys? :)

    Keep moving forward!

    @ilbcnu123 twitter
    Shawnmarie73 insta

  • Vikki Marker

    Hello Dean , first I want to say thank you to you and Tori for sharing your story your strengths are very inspiring . My question is if you had to cook only one meal for your family what would you choose and why ? Twitter @vlmarker instagram vlmarker

  • Veronica Dunn

    I would like to surprise my husband by preparing a meal we have never had before. I want it to be somewhat “fancy”, definitely healthy, but on a budget all at once! Do you have any suggestions?
    Instagram: vee2001

  • janice

    Woohoo glad you are back! I could watch you on Celebrity food challenge over and over! I was going to ask a cooking question but decided to ask about something that I have been struggling with. Dean how do you handle stress and anxiety on a daily basis? I am a constant worrier and glass half empty kind of girl. Thanks Dean ((hugs)) Twitter and Instagram is @jan33art

  • gmariadiggs_03

    Hey Dean,
    My question is: through out the whole process so far what is the least expected thing you would have ever thought you would have gained from becoming the “New you “.

    @gmdiggs_03 no twitter

  • Hina Syed

    do some quick Family Workouts -> My twitter is @thelifebyvilife and my Instagrams are; hina_syed3 & thelifebyvilife :) thank you.

  • Christina Ault Sutherland

    I would love some easy Canadian recipes that I can make in Texas. I can’t find cheese curds (and I miss poutine) so how can I make it here with the different kinds of cheese and healthier.
    SutherlandChristina Instagram

    Thank you

  • Rhiannon Redding

    Hi Dean! When you can’t decide what you should have for dinner or nothing sounds good, what do you fall back on as your go to dinner? Mine is baked nachos! Twitter @rhiannonredding Instagram @rhiannonmredding

  • Tara Lucchetti

    Hi Dean,

    While I know you are Canadian, I feel like the Gourmet Dad would still occasionally whip up a traditional spaghetti and meatball dinner for your family. So, I would love for you to weigh in on this: What’s the Gourmet Dad’s take on the Italian debate of frying meatballs–then putting them in the sauce, baking them–then putting them in the sauce or putting them in the sauce raw and letting them cook for hours.


    Instagram- @tara_ranaudo
    Twitter- @taralynnranaudo

  • Dot Petals

    Hello! I’m struggling horribly financially and I’m also trying to feed my family healthy meals, but since we don’t quality for any assistance it’s next to impossible to afford enough unhealthy (cheap, processed) food for my family. Can you PLEASE let me know the absolute best and most affordable foods (aside from the obvious fruits and veggies, wait…top that, also tell me the most nutritionally beneficial fruits and veggies) to include in our tight budget that would make an awesome difference in all of our nutrition (including our 10 year old daughter) So happy to hear you’re all doing so well :) my twitter is @dotpetals my instagram is pizzaispretty

  • Sarah Underwood

    Hi Dean! What are your staple pantry/fridge ingredients?

  • Kayla Ray

    Hi Dean! Glad to see you blogging again. As a fellow “family chef”, my question is, what’s one meal that you have yet to cook that intimidates you to attempt?
    My twitter : @Kay_Ray88
    My Instagram : Kaylaray7

  • Karen O’Boyce Field

    Hi Dean! I have been watching you and your family go through this last year and I have to say Congratulations on all the work you have done!! I am just getting over a dual knee replacement and have put on some weight because I am not able to get around and exercise. I am a Canadian girl and any help with some great healthy, recipes would be great! I am just watching your show Tory & Dean Cabin Fever on CMT and I love it! Will the show be coming back? Keep up the good work!

  • Kimberly Gaylor O’Brien

    Hi Dean!
    Glad you have worked so hard to get your family back. No one is perfect and you are a wonderful example of doing the right thing. Everything happens for a reason and you will be a testimony to others. I have been praying for all of you!

    My question would be…how do you get your kids to eat new veggies? My daughter is 7 and she really only eats green beans! That is fine, but I have to make them ALL THE TIME…just to make sure she gets something green. Also, she has to dip them and just about all of her proteins into A1 Sauce! Totally gross, but it’s her thing. She loves to cook with me, so maybe something she can make with supervision. If nothing else comes to mind, maybe some ideas to “spruce” up the green beans to make them different would be appreciated.

    Twitter: @kimo_1028
    Instagram: kimberlyobrien1028

    Keep up the good work!

  • Nikki Williams

    Hi Dean,

    First I have to say I’m so incredibly happy for you and Tori. It is an inspiration to see a couple go through a difficult time and fight for their marriage and family. As many fans, I’ve been watching you two through your shows and blogs for years. It brings a smile to my face to see the two of you together.

    A lot of Dads aren’t all that savvy in the kitchen. It would be fun to see you give some inspiration to all those guys out there and create some meals for the daring Dad who is wanting to try it out but not sure where to start. It would definitely make for a fun clip to see you coaching a “newbie”!

    Instagram: getnikkivee
    Twitter: @getnikki

    It’s great to see you back at it!!!


  • gimmeshelter_96

    Hi Dean, Just want to welcome you back & Very HAPPY for you & Tori ! I have always wanted to try capers in a dish or something, I have never even tasted them but they sound so appealing on shows like Chopped, ICA & ect. What would you recommend for me to start with ? I’m not afraid of trying new dishes either…Thanks Dean

  • Amanda Carrin

    Besides being a dad and husband, what brings you the most joy and makes you feel the most fulfilled?

    Twitter- @acarrin
    Instagram- carrinfamily

  • Garci Jackson

    Dean, Welcome Back! I loved the Chopped Canada episodes.

    My hubby is training to be a chef and I get stressed out cooking for him. Can you recommend some failsafe recipes that will impress him, that I can’t mess up? Thank you!
    Mrs. Moreno — chandlerguera on all social media

  • Ada V

    Dean I’ve always thought that you were a very kind man and so obviously in love with Tori. You’re a great dad. My question is… If you were a contestant on chopped and it was dessert round…what would you make with plantains, red seedless grapes, egg noodles and chia seeds? ☺ Huury up…lol…nerd to whip up a dessert real quick. IG @adavelasquez. Twitter @bellybong68

  • Sonia Brujic

    So happy to hear the great news! I have been following your show since the beginning…before Liam was born:) My hubby and I are also Canadian turned American citizens. I have read all of T’s books…keep em coming T! For the instagram video I would love to see how you plan at your home for meals…Do you meal plan, use any apps for recipes, or apps for shopping lists. How often do you hit the grocery store for fresh produce etc. Do your children help with prep work in the kitchen or help cook? I am a mom of two young girls and I also do health and fitness coaching too. You can find me on Facebook Getting Healthy A to Z. Instagram username is gettinghealthyatoz.

  • Drea Bowman Bekemeyer

    First off, I am so proud of you. I am proud of the fact you are owning up and taking responsibility for your actions. That is what real men do. I am proud to know there are men like you still walking around this planet. Keep up the good work and know that there are so many people cheering on your success. Blessings to you and your wonderful family. NOW for a cooking related question. Fall is coming and I would love to try out some new recipes. What is something to bake and serve with coffee on a nice cool morning or evening?

  • Kim Bowers

    Dean, I feel so proud of you (and Tori). I still want you to cook for me, so my questions is…when I visit (LOL), what will you make for dinner?

  • Clarity-jane Seer

    What a phony

    • jimbo8118

      and the TROLL strikes! LOL need to step out .. maybe get some “Clarity”? LOL

      • Clarity-jane Seer

        you call me a troll I can say the same for you in limbo jimbo!

  • Angie Standridge

    Dean, I had to have 2 emergency surgeries within 1 week and my almost 3 year old is now only wanting to eat chicken nuggets. He still loves all fresh fruits, but what is a good, easy kid recipe that I can use to get him back into vegetables? What suggestions do you have for getting him to try new vegetables and foods? I don’t want him to be a picky eater

  • Jennifer Stevens

    My adorable son, Gavin, is 5 years old, and was born completely blind. He has recently began to get interested in preparing his own food! My question is, have you ever cooked a meal blindfolded? I was inspired by The Blind Cook, Christine, and how she prepares her meals. I will have to teach my son how to cook, and prepare meals. Right now he has done a grilled cheese (with my minimal help). Have you ever thought of making a dish blindfolded, and relying solely on your other senses? My sons IG and FB and Twitter is @gavinsgroupies

    Jen (Gavin’s mom)

  • krystal

    So glad your back!!!

  • Lindsay Droke

    Glad to hear things are going well. I wish you all the best. I was wondering what do you think about families staying healthy. How do you keep you kids eating good food and staying active. Also what are you favorite weekend family fun activities? I am a mom of 4 and we like to watch movies and play board games.

  • Holli Finley Gomes

    I love watching every show your family does. I’m glad you guys put your family back together. That couldn’t have been easy to have on national TV but we’ll respected in my eyes. Keep up the hard work.

  • Jamie Glover

    Hi Dean,
    I struggle daily to find healthy meals that fit my budget for our family of 6. I would love to hear any idea on how to best achieve this.
    I’ve found that almost everyone has that one meal that just doesn’t ever seem to come out the way you want it to…Do you have one of those dishes? Mine is my Grandma’s scalloped potatoes and ham. It never tastes like hers did but I still try :)
    Thank You!
    Instagram: jamieannjellybean
    Twitter: jamiejellybean4

  • Tamara Sullivan

    Hi Dean, Glad to see your life back on track and getting your priorities in order. Due to an endocrine disorder I need to be gluten and dairy free. Do you have any gluten and dairy free recipes that are easy to make and family friendly?

  • TheSapphireKey

    This is silly – but how about a lesson using the gas grill? I refuse to use the thing (because gas scares me)… so when my husband travels it is out-of-commission.
    Thanks! Sam
    Twitter: @TheSapphireKey
    Instagram: @TheSapphireKey

  • JerryLinda Canniff

    Hi Dean, l have watched you & Tori from the start sharing your lives and family with the public. You have a beautiful wife and kids and l hope that you are doing well and being successful working things out. lt takes courage and commitment to do the hard work. Some people give up too soon. l loved the Vacation at the Cottage shows. lt was really nice there in the woods and on the Lake, so relaxing and the whole family had fun. lt was a romantic gesture, taking Tori out on a date in the canoe. lf only your lives could be stress free like that all the time. My only food question is, what can you think of that tastes like comfort food but doesn’t pack on the pounds. l have some serious health problems and have quite a bit of pain, so l am looking for comfort at home a lot. l find myself with my head stuck in the fridge and tend to grab what is quick lol. Any ideas Dean? Take care/ Linda

  • Erin

    What is your favourite Waldorf salad recipe that is easy to make?

  • Karolina Zych

    Dean I just want to tell you that you’ve been doing a hell of great job working on yourself, your marriage and your family. I am absolutely amazed by your devotion to make things right. You are a wonderfull husband and father, a great profesionall actor and a strong man. I wish you and your family all the best.

  • Kathryn

    ‘I’m not sure where to write this that dean will read it but I am going to try here. My name is Kathryn. I’m 54 years old and I watch this show faithfully. I have 3 children 5 grandchildren and I had a licensed daycare in my home for 21 years.what I want to say objectively is that yes Dean made a mistake but he is a great dad and obviously the only major craziness in the house occurs when Tori is there. He is calm and in control and she should totally trust him with the children. Tori please realize yes you need to learn to trust him again but as a husband not as a father. You can leave and he is totally in control and there is no anxiety until you return then it is utter chaos. We can see it as the viewers. It is not your fault. But you must realize you are criticizing a man that is a great father but just made a mistake as a husband. Dean please relax and do not let her affect your self-esteem. Forgive yourself as a husband and work at regaining her trust not realize that her issues from her childhood are affecting your household more than you as a father. Good luck and I’m very proud of you. Kathryn in De.

  • gemmaharlot

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    • Ike Dalley

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