McDermott New Year’s Resolutions

McDermott New Year's Resolutions

Now that it’s 2014 (crazy, right?), we’ve been talking a lot about our New Year’s Resolutions. Tori asked Liam and Stella what theirs were, and their answers were pretty hilarious.

Here are a few of Liam’s:

1. To have more fun
2. Not take a bath everyday
3. Take care of my new guinea pig Mike McDermott

Check out Tori’s site for a few more of his resolutions (or as Liam called them, his New Year’s Revolutions!) by clicking HERE.

Stella’s resolutions were pretty cute too:

1. Spend more time with my little sister and brother Hattie and Finn
2. Play and craft more with Mom and Dad
3. More pillow fights

To see more of Stella’s resolutions, head to T’s site (click HERE).

I’ve gotta admit, I have some pretty sweet kids.

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?


  • Ash-Lynn

    Their resolutions are precious, I hope you and your family have a great 2014

  • Molly Eva Wynn-Banks

    I have been quit smoking for 5 days now……Loving that this was the year that I could actually hold true to my resolution so far…..and feeling strong with it……Good luck to you and the kids with yours,.

  • Veronica

    To bring my own lunch to work everyday and SAVE MONEY!!! A seriously big problem I have. I’ve been doing it since January 1st – and loving the fact that I’m NOT spending any money during the day. It definitely feels good and I plan to stick to it. So far, so good!! Then again, it is ONLY February! 10 more months to go…YIKES! : ) I hope this year is good to you, Tori and your children.

  • sue

    Just remember ,when one is in the public eye ,things are not going to remain a secret for long because there is someone watching or listening as well as money talks.Don’t screw things up anymore with your family,don’t be the guy that Tori’s family thought you were in the first place..I think you are a great dad and a good actor and stop the sneaky crap.You know it isn’t right.

  • Catherine Townsend-Lyon

    Hi Dean,
    I left a most likely to long of a comment on Tori’s website! But it was written for YOU both! My hubby & I have been through so much like you and Tori! I’m 52, and we made our 25yr marriage work even after destruction. I hope you’ll go read what I shared in Tori’s comments…..Best Wish’s!
    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon :-)

  • marie-line MARRA

    so cutes