Healthy Eating: Good Golly Grains

Good Golly Grains

For those of you looking to start 2014 in the healthiest way possible, here’s another installment of “Making Your Meals Healthier”. Last time I talk about my love of greens, especially kale, and today we’re talking grains.

I think it’s safe to say when the word “grain” is used, most people think of cattle feed.  Well, at least I did. I guess that shows how ignorant I was about grains in the past. Now, I’m going to Grain School.  No more Grain Brain for me, no sir.

Here’s what I’ve learned: You can use grains in just about anything. Soups, salads, desserts; as a nice crunchy element to any of your favorite dishes.  Braised meats, chicken dishes, fish dishes, risotto, stuffed vegetables, you name it.

Replace pasta and noodles in soup with millet (GF), sorghum (GF), farro, or barley.  You can also add them to salads (such as the salads I mentioned in my last blog).

Some of my favorite grains are wheat berries, amaranth, freekeh, spelt, black rice, wild rice and rye berries.  The list goes on, as well as their many uses.  Since I’m a grain beginner, check out Guide to Grains for different cooking instructions, tips and recipes.  As I become more versed in grains, I’ll post some healthy and tasty grain recipes of my own.

Until then, Happy Healthier eating.

Do you ever cook with grains? If so, which ones are your family’s favorites?


Photo Credit: Jeffrey Freeman

Gourmet Dad
  • Mariana DingleHopper

    will start baking with more pumpkin seeds in the chocolate muffins;)

  • Bella

    I mix grains- wheat berries, oat groats, brown rice, pearl barley, and buckwheat. Then I soak overnight. Rinse in the morning. Cook in twice the amount of a good tea. When done, after 20-30 minutes, I add my Super Honey, some nuts and almond milk. It’s awesome and extremely healthy.

  • Kellee Callender

    I love whole wheat bread crumbs…such a small little item, but can use in salads, meatloaf, many casseroles. A small healthier choice and great little additive. I agree with you…grains is smart, and should be apart of everything we eat and it tastes GREAT!!

  • Barbara Camwell

    Any ideas about going gluten free with 2 teenage girls? I love to cook but try to keep it simple. Would love some feedback when you can.

  • Kristine Parsons

    I too was wondering how to add in grains, but not wheat or gluten. Any ideas?

  • Dorotha Borgeson

    How would I make the 15 grains bread

  • nurac80

    I have recently begun using more quinoa…delish!

  • gin

    Hey! Just discovered your blog. So glad you’re back and doing well!! Looking forward to making your recipes. Two great books you might find interesting, Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and Grain Brain by David Perlmutter. Best to you and your family!!