Finn’s First Trip to the Zoo


Tori posted this photo of Finn earlier this week, and I just had to share it too. We took our little man to the zoo for the first time and he LOVED it. It was pretty sweet watching him ooh and aahh over all of the animals.

I’ve gotta say, watching Finn grow into his own little man is pretty fun. He’s definitely got his own personality – such a sweet guy.

Have you gone on any fun outings with your kiddos lately?


  • Mariana DingleHopper

    so sweet, i love kids and animals

  • jlo1965

    A trip to the zoo when I was a child was the foundation of becoming a veterinarian.

  • Louise

    I really do hope that you and Tori will be able to work things out as I love you together and your family!

  • Anita Crumpton

    Are you and Tori ever coming back on TV.

  • Barbara Camwell

    I also hope you are able to work things out. Time with kids is so important. Mine are teens now and just going shopping or to a movie or dinner is so great. I let them talk about anything and find they really are great people!

    Best to you & Tori. Hang in there.

  • Ksbw5

    Movies today! Frozen in the frozen Midwest.

  • Billy Horr

    Let’s go back too Vieques and play dominoes

  • Maryanne

    I wish you all the luck in the world to get back with your lovely wife, Tori
    and you beautiful children. God Bless you always and forever. My prayers
    are for you and your family. God Bless you.

  • Tamara

    Just Watched you and Tori on your Lifetime Channel. You explain to your wife and Rehab that your playing up to your Bad Guy Ego, The DeanO is the Bad Guy in you not Dean. If your wanting any sympathy I’d probably remove All About DeanO and change to Dean. Out of respect for your wife and family. You’ve said some horrible things, you might want to get Dean back in control. Because DeanO sounds like a Giant Ass that’s caused you and your family a bunch of sorrow.

  • Cheryl

    You do not deserve your beautiful wife and children. You are a disgusting excuse for a man.

    • Elaine Reaman

      Well that ought to help his suicidal state; I’ve been cheated on, but I never felt like that.

  • pattis page

    I respect your decision to go public instead of trying to deal with this with no support. When this happened to me I did not have any support and had to deal with his many indiscretions myself. It was by the force of other happenings that we needed to seek outside professional counseling to be able to put this past us. I am happy to say thou it is not far out of past I was able to forgive this but it will never be forgotten. We are more happily Married for now going on 32 years. Hang in there get the professional help needed and be there for each other because there will be things that will be again out of our control and we all need a support system to be able to get us through it. My motto is: If He brought you to it He will get you through it. Dean also needs this just as much…so appreciate what you have (Dean) cause in the end this will be the legacy that you will leave behind.

  • Kimmi Gregory

    you are true scum of the earth, i know of no lower form of life then you!

    • Zazu22

      Well, now, this is productive.

  • Kimmi Gregory

    i feel bad you ruined the lives of 4 small children and your wife, how dare you!

  • Kimmi Gregory

    greedy liar!!!

  • anonymous

    Greedy couple exploiting their children and lying to make money.

  • Sightation

    So Dean, I am so grateful that you brought up the fact that you were feeling suicidal. It’s just one small step in removing the stigma of mental illness, which I personally prefer to call: “psychic pain”. If you haven’t been there then no one should judge. I think that the most sensitive & artistic people tend to succumb especially if you study some of the Greats who have suffered. In recovery I recommend: “slow is real”. Don’t push yourself, listen to your inner guide and listen to your beautiful wife Tori and simply be kind to her. There is no shame in this INSANE world getting the better of you. In regards to your other dalliances: Do not EVER do that again. A family and a Tori is a terrible thing to waste for a moments pleasure. I’m sure you know that.

    • Zazu22

      I totally agree. I was suicidal alcoholic when I was in my late teens and early twenties. I have been sober for twenty-seven years and went right back to those feelings when I was Dean on the show. It is necessary to get all that out and deal with it in order to heal and move on.

  • Sightation

    Oh, p.s. in every way and in every moment you are teaching your young boys and your little girls how a man treats a woman. They are watching EVERYTHING. If you want your daughters to choose well then I suggest you model that for them every day. In the end, your marriage will be stronger for it. It’s only when you get older, like me, that one realizes what an incredible gift a long enduring marriage actually is. Trust me, when we get old it is such an incredible source of happiness.

    • Zazu22

      I have to agree. Once we have children we need to know that it is no longer about us. Everything we do has to start with the question, “how will this impact my children?”

  • Sara

    So sorry to read all the unkind comments. I wish you and your family the very best – we all struggle at times and I believe that the difficulties you are going through will make you a stronger couple and, for you Dean, a healthier person. This crisis is a gift to you and your family as long as you remain vigilant, honest, and, above all, love yourself!!!

  • Elaine Reaman

    I am female, educated, experienced professionally and in life. I do not like how the therapist they are seeing appears to put all the blame on Dean. Yes, an affair happened, but that is a symptom of a bigger problem. I see Tori also neglected the needs and priority of Dean as she admits started when she started to have kids. They BOTH need to address this and I feel there is way too much emphasis on the affair itself and whether there is enough remorse shown.

    • nurac80

      I think the show covered their therapy in only a limited fashion – I know the sessions go much longer for most people! ;)

    • Zazu

      I know I’m really late on this, but how did a marriage and a family become all about his needs? What about hers? If a person wants to be in a situation where he or she is the center of attention and gets sex every night of the week, I would recommend NOT getting married and having children. As a recovering addict, I can tell you that his behavior is ALL about him and his lack of sense of self. He would have behaved this way no matter who he was married to (and his first marriage reflects that point). The bottom line is that once someone has children, it is no longer about him or her. We have to think about how our behavior will affect our children. That means no cheating allowed no matter what. Children learn what they live.

  • Elaine Reaman

    Additionally, to parade this on camera is just even more punitive for Dean, who unlike many unfaithful men, have affairs with no remorse and when there are no larger problems.

  • Elaine Reaman

    If Dean were regularly having affairs, this would be a different issue. He didn’t sleep with the woman a second time despite having the chance…hormones can be a very strong thing and if I dated a Greek that only saw me once a week or so and he was having an affair; I was faithful, but I can tell you, that for someone with a higher sex drive, that is pure neglect in my opinion. They have to ask themselves why an affair would happen and resolve those problems, not the symptom and in my opinion, Tori needs to dedicate a period of time JUST FOR DEAN…perhaps a DATE night out, without the kids!!!

  • Diane Honeycutt Miller

    I hope you two find the obvious answer to these problems. I understand to a certain extent you had to set the story straight because every 2 bit news feed made up lies that could come back years later to hurt the kids. This way they will see the truth. Love each other, forgive. Then grow a backbone and go on. No one is perfect. Mood stablizers may help or not but God says, believe,just believe and he will never forsake us. Satan wants to see happy families torn apart. The harder you try the more the temptation. Just forgive and love. Continue private counciling off the tv. Praying for you.

  • Bizz

    Crazy to think you even considered Chopped Canada in the midst of a relationship meltdown – poor Tori and the kids need all the support they can get, not someone running around worrying about his fame. smh

  • Beth

    Dean, I really hope you and Tori work it out. I was drawn in by your shows to your beautiful family. I know all is not perfect – nothing ever is – but you both need each other and to work individually on how your issues from the past bring stuff to your present. Now that you boht have the opportunity to face that – hopefully both of you will get to a place where you can be good for the other and lose the anger – on both parts. I see so much pain and anger from your past and I feel for you because my husband has that – he just doesn’t acknowledge and work thru it – so I respect & admire that you are working this thru. I know Tori also has deep trust issues & needs from her background so it will be a real challenge to meet both your needs. I applaud you for trying and hope you are successful.
    Lastly, I hope you do again host Chopped Canada. I think you can rise above the struggles and make a clean start on your road to recovery. Show yourself and Tori what the future holds as you begin a fresh path of sobriety & regain trust in yourself, with Tori and in your own skin without any crutches. You can do it! And you can prove that the past is indeed the past. Ignore the judgers and critics who won’t let the past go and show your fans who you truly will become!

  • Roxine

    Dean, I don’t want to be presumptious, but I can relate to almost everything you have been going through – that feeling of being a rotten, twisted tree with dead leaves inside – feeling as if sex is the only commodity you can trade on – hurting the people you love the most because of your self-loathing. I have experienced it all. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. I was sexually abused as a young girl – the age of the picture you see next to this post – I was 5 years old when my grandfather started grooming me. He molested and raped me for 8 years until I finally told someone at my school. He was never held accountable for what he did to me and I have spent the last 30+ years dealing with the repercussions of being violated so young. I’m not saying this is your story – I’m just relaying mine. But if this is your story, please know that you are not alone. 1:4 girls and 1:6 boys are sexually abused by the age of 18, 90% by someone they know, 68% by a family member. There are so many of us out there who deal with these same feelings of self-loathing – too many of us who continue to abuse ourselves throughout our adult lives – whether that abuse be alcohol, drugs, illicit sex or a combination of all three. Many don’t make it to the other side. Many succumb to the continued self-abuse. There is hope though. What I’ve learned is it wasn’t my fault. And I am worthy of love. I am no a victim of my circumstance, but rather I am a good and loving person. I have learned to love myself. And I CAN be trusted. Please feel free to reach out to me if you ever need a friend. I run a charity for survivors of childhood sexual abuse and can be reached at Tree Climbers stands for Tell, Recover, Educate and Empower. I’m not saying you were abused – I’m simply saying that I was and I so relate to everything you’re going through.

    Anyway, as I said, I don’t mean to be presumptious but watching you go through this is like watching my life story play out on TV.


    Roxine Behrens


  • Lucy

    Dean…..You have been a wonderful father and husband to your family. Do NOT, let strangers get you down. You have followed Tori’s lead, and supported her endeavors for years….Why? Because you love her. You made a mistake…..we all make mistakes. EVERYONE makes mistakes. You are more of a man now, than you ever where before… are owning up to it, on national T.V. You are the most hands on father I have ever seen, those kids adore you for a good reason. Remember the good……do not give up. The good will save you both. What happened…cannot erase the good, if it does….then how strong is your marriage? The hell with everyone else…..Tori loves you, and you love her. No marriage…..NO MARRIAGE is free from addictions. Shopping addiction….drugs….porn….you name it. NO marriage. We all have demons to fight. I was cheated on, and I have cheated as well…..I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum. It doesn’t make me a better person or a bad one either. It’s simply a lesson in life. Your kids will see it one day…..and respect you for it. Those kids adore you Dean. You can both make it……don’t….give…up. You both have to prove to everyone that…you will survive this. It’s been done before! Prayers to you both… are both amazing people and amazing parents….do NOT forget that. Much love to the family! I am a single mami of 4 children and I still regret Divorcing my ex after 13 years……don’t do it. Divorce is…..10 times harder than what you are experiencing right now…..TRUST me. Just put all the anger in a box……bury it….and say farewell to it. Hugs to you all!

  • Cory Hernandez Bukszar

    I take small day trips with my boys pretty often. We live near Cleveland, Ohio only afew miles from the zoo so a zoo pass is a must! Plus when we travel we can hit other city zoos pretty inexpensively! We live close to local parks & shopping as well as KIDDIE PARK an amusement park for kids! It’s. been open for ages my grandma took my mother as a child! There’s also right near us worlds largest candy shop and miniature golf courses! Living close to the city we have the Science Center, RRHOF, Botanical garden, natural history museum, art museum & automobile museum, aquarium among others! We also go to the beach or public park sysytem which is beautiful & expansive! We live close to one of the worlds largest theme parks Cedar Point & close to outdoor concert venues. So much to do for the entire family! You should visit with your beautiful wife & family

  • nurac80

    saw the show recently and I just want to encourage you – dealing with mental illness is very difficult. stay on your meds, away from alcohol, and love your wife and kids. Praying that your family continues to heal and grow.

  • Jamal Qazi

    We love going to the Zoo, here in Toronto we have the largest Zoo in Canada called the Toronto Zoo. Our last outing was to a food festival, where the kids had a great time tasting various Halal / Kosher meals from new and existing restaurants in Toronto and surrounding area. Thanks for sharing your trip to the Zoo with Finn.

  • Christine Mills

    been watching you two on tv. i hope everything works out. i don’t know if it is fake or not. Dean you have a beautiful family and are very lucky. (also i grew up watching aaron spelling shows and enjoyed all of them) Wishing you, your children, and Tori the best.

  • Kimmi Gregory

    Oh yeah one more thing.. ur starting to look like the grinch

  • marie-line MARRA

    sweet and precious

  • Heather Wright

    I think Finn looks the most like his mommy. Those lips, those eyes. Beautiful family.