Chopped Canada’s US Premiere

Chopped Canada

First, I want to thank all of you up in Canada who watched the premiere episode of Chopped Canada last week. I’m so proud of this show, and of all of the incredible chefs who are competing, and couldn’t be happier that the first episode was so well received by the great folks in Canada.

Now, for all of you in the states, you can watch the first episode of the show TONIGHT on the Food Network at 9pm/8c.  It’s the same format as the US version of Chopped, but we’ve got all Canadian chefs, and each week we’re using Canadian ingredients in our challenges. It really is a dream project for me.

I hope you’ll tune-in tonight, and let me know what you think about the first episodes in the comments.


Gourmet Dad
  • D O C

    When I first heard the news, I was thrilled to hear that you would be hosting Chopped Canada.You are so right for this project. I really have been enjoying the show. You are doing a great job, and you are representing Canada well. Thank you! I am happy that you have had the opportunity to take part in this dream project. You deserve the best.

  • Ellen Thompson

    You know who would have been better for the project. Mary Jo Eustice.

  • Veronica

    I’m so happy to see that you are hosting any show! I think you’re great Dean. I rooted for you on Rachel vs Guy and was extremely happy when you won. Aside from being a hotty…you seem to have a great personality. Although I wish you had your own cooking show (hint, hint!)…I will be watching you tonight. I wish you all the best!

  • Sue

    Congrats on your new show. I wish you, Tori and your beautiful kids all the best. God Bless and ignore all the negative comments. No one should judge. NO ONE is perfect. It must be difficult being so public with your lives.

    • peacehugger


  • jiggs

    Love the show but would be happy with a different host. Dean McDermott just doesn’t cut it. He’s boring.

  • Karen

    Dean if you host again I wish you well. We are all praying for you YES you and your family and hope that you can turn this around and also have an amazing season two on Chopped Canada.

  • Mandie Small

    I think all of you are amazing. I have looked up to you guys as a couple before I had my daughter and now look up to you as parents, I wish all of you the very best and I am looking forward to seeing you guys get through the very difficult time in your lives. Your love is a lot stronger than most that I have seen in my day to day life and I know you will make it through. God bless you all.

  • Linda Waterman

    I am a big fan of Chopped and watched Chopped Canada (I’m watching it right now). I like Dean but he seems a little stiff and disconnected. But then again how many people get their own show?? I think he’ll come around and maybe even smile a little. I wish both Tori & Dean the best and hope they can both work it out!!