Safety Tips to Make This Halloween a Treat

Trick or treating night is almost upon us! You have the costumes and the super cute kids – now it’s time to get out there and get that candy and here are a few tips for staying safe on this spooky night! 


Light up the night 

Arm yourselves and the kiddos with flashlights, glow sticks… even phones with a flashlight app will work! Keep a lot of light around you not only to light your path but to make passersby and cars aware of your presence. You can even try some spooky Halloween colors – just light up that candy-getting path! 

Behind the mask 

For all those costumes that require masks: make sure the eye holes are cut in the right place and big enough for little eyes to see clearly.  When you buy ready-made masks from the store, sometimes the eyes aren’t in the same place as your kids, so you may have to make a few adjustments. If the eye holes are big enough that skin shows through, just use some kid-friendly face paint to fill in whatever color the mask is. This way everyone will be able to really see where they’re going – and still be as spooky as they want to be!

Candy inspector

This one is two-fold – you make sure everything your kids are eating is safe AND you get first pick of the candy! Consider it your reward for inspecting the candy the little ones just picked up – a quick run through is fine. Just make sure the wrappers are all intact and throw away anything that isn’t properly wrapped, unless it comes from a friend or neighbor you know and trust. Hey, will they really know if you ski a couple chocolate bars from the top? 

The spooky house down the lane 

Not everyone wants to celebrate and, unfortunately, not everyone has your little ones’ best interests at heart. Make sure the kiddos stay close and follow your lead when picking and choosing which houses to visits. If the older kids are going out on their own, make sure they know which houses are good and which are off limits. Even draw them a map if necessary – you can make it a fun Halloween scavenger hunt game! This way they know where they should go and you know where they’ll be. You can always have them check in by text or call, as well.

One if by sea

Most people who are interested in sharing candy and Halloween fun will leave lights on or put decorations up on their door. A good rule is, if you don’t see lights on, don’t go knocking! That particular family may be out or just having a quiet, non-trick or treating evening at home. Stick to the places that want your Halloween business 

Banning the bellyaches

Feed those little zombies and Frankensteins a well balanced meal before they go out collecting the yummies. Make them their favorite meal or dress it up in a spooktacular Halloween style. Fruit juice can become a witch’s brew, grapes become eyeballs and spaghetti becomes wiggly worms! 

Have a great time and share your highlights below! Happy Halloween!



Photo credit: iStock, Whio
  • Jun Alapag

    Cute your kids wearing their costumes from the back. Cute anyway and better early than later tonight. I’m just gonna give out the chocolate candies to the kids if there WILL be kids coming to my door. Last time, there was only 2 or 3 kids and that was it. I think if I had a pumpkin but a lot of work by myself than MORE kids will be coming. Well, that’s my story from last year. Next Monday is when I turn 37 years old. Its on the 4th Monday and staying young than older. Lol.

  • Dean McDermott

    That’s right, Jun, age is a state of mind! I hope you have a very happy birthday!!