Fall into…Herbs!

Spring isn’t the only time for planting and growing – fall is actually the best time to plant your very own herb garden! It’s much easier than it sounds, guys – really! You use herbs all the time in cooking – why not get them from your own backyard or balcony? Herbs can be delicate, so fall is the perfect time to plant the seeds; the cooler climate helps them get a great start in life because they need lots of sunshine but no humidity. The hotter climate of summer is too harsh and most gardeners find that their summer seedlings don’t do nearly as well.

Think you don’t have the room? Herbs can be planted in small containers (in fact, you want to do this, so if the weather outside turns nasty, you can just pick ‘em up and move ‘em inside). These little guys are fragile, so planting them in soil straight away might limit their chance of survival.


Here’s a quick “how-to”:

You can buy seeds and start totally from scratch or you can buy starter plants (both available from your local hardware or garden store) and simply transfer them to a new pot, if you like (you can also transplant them to the ground in the spring, if you have the room). You’ll want to get a bag of really good dirt (unless you live near a farm, then go get the real thing!) so you can make a good, comfy bed for your new plants.

Pick a fun window planter or little pot, whatever you have room for, and plant the seeds or seedlings. Give water and sun according to each plant’s requirements (they do differ and you’ll find the info usually labeled on the plant) and in no time, voila! You have a gorgeous bed of herbs just waiting the culinary delights you’ll offer up to the family.

Here are a few great fall herbs to get you going:


Sage – this is a must! You’ll want it for all those Thanksgiving meals coming up soon. This savory, earthly herb is great for roast turkey, stuffing, even pizza. It’s also great for digestion.

Parsley – with a taste a bit like celery, this little guy is essential to Italian cooking and really freshens up any dish you throw it into. Great for hearty spaghetti meals or stews and soups (check out my Fall Soups and Stews post!)

Rosemary – think of these guys as little mini Christmas trees with a big flavor. Rosemary is perfect for roasted chicken, stews and even lemonade or vodka drinks!

What’s your favorite herb to add to dishes for a little extra flavoring?



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Gourmet Dad
  • Leslie

    I enjoy growing basil also. We have a rosemary growing very nicely, so
    hope to add the basil and parsley!

  • Jun Alapag

    My Mom does use plants for a Turkey for dinner. Or chicken. But thanks for keeping me posted. Soon I’ll be cooking on my own at my apartment studio. Sounds good and the plants for dinner looks delicious. Hear from you soon.

  • NathouFranckLiam

    I managed to translate the name of herbs in French. I use a lot of parsley, basil, bay leaf, thyme, and chives.
    And to give the taste I put onions or shallots.
    This replaces many spices (too much spicy for my stomach 45 years).

  • Dean McDermott

    So true! Herbs add great flavor without overwhelming the palate or stomach :)

  • Dean McDermott

    Good luck Leslie!

  • Dean McDermott

    Can’t wait to hear about your cooking adventures!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Lately I am quite into tarragon. I had to use it in a recipe for cold beetsoup which required a good dollop of yogurt-tarragon sauce; since then I am hooked! It goes quite well with fish and chicken, but it is also surprisingly delicious with sweet desserts! Think honey-icecream with a tiny bit of chopped tarragon. But the best dessert I found on Pinterest was grilled peach/nectarine (even on the BBQ), with mascarpone sweetened with honey and topped of with the aforementioned herb: eat and weep!!!

  • Dean McDermott

    I want to eat all of that right now. All of it! :)