Summer Family Fun Ideas

It’s time for another family fun day activity – and this one is even easier than Backyard Camping! There’s nothing simpler and more fun on a hot summer day than donning a swimsuit and running through the sprinklers – the cold water from the hose, the wet grass beneath your feet… that’s what being a kid on summer break is all about! Now we take this classic beat-the-heat game and turn it up a notch. Grab a sprinkler from the garage or see below for do-it-yourself versions!

Sprinkler Games


Catch the Water:

Two players stand on opposite sides of an oscillating sprinkler.

As the falling water crosses from one side to the other, the players try to be the first to fill a cup.

Here’s the catch: you must keep your feet planted! If you move to get that extra drop or avoid the spray, you have to dump your cup on your own head and start over!

Musical Sprinkler:

A play on Musical Chairs – choose a player to control the hose. This player will turn it on and off at random.

The rest of the players run around the sprinkler. When the water stops, so must all the players. Last one to freeze is the rotten egg!

Simon Says:

Just like the regular version… but with water! Simon can tell players to jump over the sprinkler, run around it, get their hair wet… you get the idea!

Fish Outta Water:

Sharks and Minnows… on land! The shark guards the sprinkler and the minnows must cross or jump over it without getting tagged.

Race Against Water:

Players line up on the far side of the lawn, facing the sprinkler. One player mans the hose spigot and turns it on and off at random. When the water is on, players race to the sprinkler finish line – but every time the water turns off, they must freeze. First to the finish line wins!

DIY sprinkler ideas:


Super Simple Super Soaker


  • Hose
  • Duct tape
  • 2 liter bottle (empty!)


Use a small screwdriver to poke holes in three sides of the bottle.

Insert the hose into the bottle and tape up with the duct tape.

Turn on the water and off you go!

And if you really feel ambitious, check out The Idea Room for some off the charts DYI sprinkler options!



Photo credit: Summerly HomesMaking Memories
  • Lory @OurMasonsJar

    LoVe all of these ideas. My little guy is only 10 months old, but I am looking forward to Summer Fun in the coming years. This year we got him a tiny blue pool, he likes it. His first reaction to it was priceless.
    Thanks Dean for all of the inspiration here!
    Lory Ann

  • Jun Alapag

    i could feel the cool water now.

  • Dean McDermott

    Congrats on being a new mom, Lory Ann! It’s so awesome to see how they react to all of these new, fun experiences. These kiddos are pretty amazing!

  • Dean McDermott

    Really takes ya back to childhood, huh? :)

  • Jun Alapag

    who couldn’t forget the good old days with water equipments for the summer time to get wet?