Kids in the Kitchen

There are tons of ways to get all of the kids, even the little ones, to be a part of meal making. From planning to prep, check out all of these kid-friendly kitchen tasks you can use to put the kiddos to work!

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Let them be a part of choosing the meal – walk through the store together and let them pick out the weirdest, most colorful or interesting vegetables they can find. Then find a recipe to match! It’ll get them involved in both the cooking and healthy eating.

Having salad with your meal? Get those little hands clean and let them shred the lettuce (or whatever greens you use). No chopping necessary – just let them get in there and tear away!


If there’s any kind of assembly line involved in your prep, like breading chicken or stacking up cheeseburgers, lay everything out, show them how to work through the line and most importantly… don’t worry about the mess! The kids will love getting such a big and important job!


An especially fun task for kids is separating eggs. They can crack them open and get their hands all gooey swapping the yolk back and forth to each hand until all of the white falls away. (Just make sure to set up a couple bowls underneath if you are saving both the yolk and the whites) And don’t forget to wash those hands after!


And, of course, if dessert is involved start assigning those decorating jobs! From frosting cakes to painting cookies with icing, the kids can let their imaginations go crazy – and you may discover the next great pastry chef!


Last, but definitely most important… tasting!! Every one grab a spoon and dig in to make sure it’s delicious.

What’s the most fun you and your kids have had together in the kitchen? 



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