My Buggy is 5!!!


I can’t believe that five years ago I burst into a hospital waiting room full of our nearest and dearest friends bawling like a baby announcing “I have a baby girl, I have a beautiful little baby girl”.

I couldn’t believe the feelings that washed over me. I felt weak, vulnerable and madly in love with this little person. It was very powerful. That father-daughter bond kicked in immediately and she had me wrapped around her little finger.


She also happened to look exactly like me. Her nickname instantly became Dean Face, but was later replaced by the name Buggy.

As she grew older, her little personality became increasingly similar to mine–moody, intense, creative, artistic, and stubborn. She was my little girl alright. Thank god she has her mom’s caring, compassionate, and generous side. Stella is me, just better. Ha Ha.


Buggy my love, you have brought me enough joy and happiness to last a lifetime, and we’ve only just begun. I look forward to many more years of spending time with you. Not only because I love you and your company, but when you’re with me, I’ll scare all the boys away!!

Hear that fellas, I’m watching you. All of you.

Happy Birthday my Beautiful Buggy. I love you.

Dad oxoxoxo


  • Lisa Broadley

    that’s so adorable! I hope all fathers learn from you!

  • Stapleton Racing 21

    Nothing better than little girls and their daddy! I am sure your are wrapped around her little finger as my husband is with our little girl Reece. So wonderful! Enjoy every minute!!

  • Jun Alapag

    and many more birthdays to come. with so many returns. Happy Birthday Buggy.