It’s been 7 years!

Happy 7th my Angel.

We’ve been married now for seven years, and there is still not a day that goes by that I don’t think of the very first time we met, and I’m reminded of that day even more when I look at the beautiful babies you’ve given me, and every May 7th.

When I hear your voice, it’s as if I were hearing it for the first time. When you take my hand it’s like the very first time, and I still melt a little every time you kiss me, just like it was the very first time we kissed.

I’m so grateful for your love, and beauty. Forever I will be your loving husband and friend. For anything we do together is like the very first time.

Happy 7th my love . . . Or should I say Happy 1st.

With all my heart and soul. I love you forever.

Deano oxoxox


  • DenaB

    Happy Anniversary! You two are my favorite couple out there other than me and my husband..Were going on 18 years this August!

  • Kerri

    Happy Anniversary!!!! You guys are such a beautiful couple!!!

  • EricaH

    Awww You’re so sweet. Happy Anniversary to you both! My husband and I will be married for 14 years in August. Been together for 16 yrs. Enjoy your day.

  • Lory @OurMasonsJar

    HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to a beautiful couple! The Union you share has been an inspiration to my husband and I, as each of you have been a role model for us, in Marriage and Parenthood! Love at first sight DOES happen, we are proof of that as well! Make magical memories, Today, Tomorrow, Always! Most of all…NEVER set the butterflies free from your tummy!! We love you guys! xo, Lory Ann, John, Mason and Latte’ ~too!

  • Dolphingirl

    Happy Anniversary!!! What a beautiful photo. My husband and I are celebrating our 6th anniversary on the 20th.

  • julie c

    Happy Anniversary Tori and Dean! What a sweet letter Dean, love it! My husband and I celebrate 16 years married this month also…may you have many many more happy years together!!

  • Hellen

    I guess the romours about you are splitting up insn

  • Cooltsa64

    What a major accomplishment.A true love like you both share are few and far between. You both have been truly blessed in love and family. I can only dream of a love as real and true as yours. May God continue to bless. you all. You both are a inspiration to myself and others. What a wonderful and beautiful letter to your wife.It touched my heart. Love you both… Teresa

  • kathyf49

    What a great letter to your wife! Wishing you both a Happy Anniversary and many Happy years to come.

  • Mrs. C

    Beautiful, Dean! Congrats on 7 years to you, Tori and all five kids in your blended family. It is also MY wedding anniversary of 8 years today, with seven kids in our blended family. May God Bless You All!!

  • Mrs. C

    Beautiful, Dean! Congrats on 7 years to you and Tori and to all five kids in your blended family. It is also MY wedding anniversary of 8 years today and we have seven kids in our blended family. I enjoy what you both share and God Bless You ALL!

  • Julie Nuno

    Happy anniversary to a great couple – through great and bad – you have trumped it all….. many, many more

  • Patrick Roos

    Happy anniversary Dean and tori .
    My wife and i are married 12/5 year last weak .
    Greats from The Netherlands .

  • Ravey

    Happy Anniversary Tori and Dean, praying for many more.

  • Ro-Bear

    nice letter…may you both be blessed with many more years and your love grows for each other even more. congrats

  • LSVV

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Are you, Tori and family coming back to Oxygen anytime soon? I really miss your show!

  • LauraB68

    Beautiful sentiment but can I make a point….This letter should have remained private just between you and your wife. Nothing in Hollywood is private anymore. Between the photogs and everything being posted on Twitter, FB, Blogs, etc., what should be an intimate moment gets posted worldwide and then nothing is intimate anymore.
    It’s great to say you love your wife, but keep some things just between the two of you.

    May you have many more years of happiness.

  • Jun Alapag

    Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you. Congratulations. Have a wonderful one. Happy to hear.

  • catmom5177

    That is very sweet! You are a great husband for saying such nice words to Tori. It goes to show you feel the same as you felt when you first met her and all the relationship firsts. You both are wonderful people and your love for each other and your family shows what love is all about. Happy anniversary to such a wonderful couple! I wish I knew you guys personally, but knowing and seeing you on tv, online, etc, makes me realize that true love does exist. I wish you all the best for many great years to come!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Congratulations to you and T! Making a marriage work, with it’s inevitable highs and lows is not an easy thing to do. It requires time, patience, enough love to give to the other, but also enough love for yourself. All this with four under six and in the harsh spotlights …? Hats off to the both of you, I wish you many more together. Cheers!

  • Heather

    Congratulations and a belated Happy Anniversary! Thanks to the both of you to take time out of your busy days to stay in touch with your fans with all that you do!

  • jennafretta

    Oh Dean – what a lovely letter. I am so proud of you and Tori despite all the stress of being famous, you pulled off being a regular family raising your beautiful children. Happy Anniversary Dean and Tori!!

  • Leslie Barnett

    Best Wishes for your anniversary and all the coming years! My husband and I have logged 36 years this year at Christmas….marriage and family are certainly a vocation that takes lots of work. with your high profile lives, I just congratulate you on all the loving effort you both put in to it. And thank you for making yourselves open to all of us who enjoy sharing your life experiences!!

  • taunrenee

    Love you guys! I hope you guys come back to TV together. I miss your show!

  • Ina Interstate

    well I guess all of that was a load of bullshit!

  • Diane Honeycutt Miller

    I am glad you have each other in this crazy journey of life. Sometimes life is like riding a psychotic horse through a burning stable, rough but after its over you know you can survive anything.

  • marie-line MARRA

    beautiful and magnificent