Taking Carnie Down…And Giving Back

The finale of “RvG” is quickly approaching, and I couldn’t be more nervous or excited. There’s a real mix of emotions going on right now.

I’ve battled my way back from being in the bottom two twice, I’m physically exhausted, and now I have to go head to head with my friend and take her down. I gotta go for the jugular. Figuratively, of course. I mean, I could for real, there are a lot of sharp knives in
the kitchen. But then I’d go to jail. I’d miss my family, and I’d have to compete on ”Inmates vs Guards: Incarcerated Cooking Challenge.” Plus, I really like Carnie. She’s funny as hell, a good friend, and a great cook.


This competition has been such an amazing experience for me. I learned a lot about cooking, and about myself. I made some great recipes – like roasted jalapeño polenta, and lamb chops - and some great friends. Although we’re scattered across the country, we stay in touch and remain close.


The great thing about this competition, whether you win or get voted off, is the fact that all the celebs get the names of their charities out there and bring much needed awareness to these great organizations. They’re the true winners, and I give big kudos
to the Food Network for also highlighting them and giving them a voice. I truly believe that we should always keep charity and helping our fellow man at the forefront of our thoughts. Just remember, when you think you’ve got it bad, there’s always someone, somewhere that has it worse.

As the electronic age has taken us to one extreme of the pendulum, we have to start pushing back. Pushing back to a simpler time when we all helped each other. A time when a city was a village. One big family helping each other to grow and flourish. I know
that’ll never happen to a large extent, but we can turn a block or two into a village. It all starts with reaching out to your neighbor. It’s really as simple as that. I think it’s worth a try. We’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

In the comments below, please share your favorite moments from this season of “Rachael vs Guy” (make sure you’ve signed up for the site so you’re able to leave a comment).



photos courtesy of FoodNetwork.com

Gourmet Dad
  • Kathleen O

    I can’t believe I’ve missed shows, but in Canada it’s on Sunday nights at 10 PM. I try to stay awake for it but can’t because I’m up at 5.

    My fave moment of the ones I’ve seen (and I guess I’ve missed every one since Johnny left, I don’t know how that happened), is your children’s party dessert bombs! Those were SO COOL!!!!!!

  • Bobbielynn

    I think what I enjoyed most was even though it was a competition you can tell you wanted to help everyone. You let Heinz use your stove. If you were on chopped or something a competitor likely would have said nope!And you helped all your team mates even though you struggled to finish your own dish. But really your food level is above and beyond everyone else. They make great family food I am sure but your knowledge and combining of flavors are far more developed. I know your gonna win and hope to see you continue on to bigger shows..Iron Chef maybe? And the video from Tori too. Super cute. Cant wait to watch the end.

  • Erin

    Good luck Dean I hope you win!

  • Coopercat

    Yes I agree you helped your team mates and was a real standup guy. I bit my nails every time you went to the showdowns but you have some real culinary talent !! I hope you go all the way !!

  • Rudy Alapag

    oh. how cold.

  • jamie perkins

    You are a great team player and you deserve your spot and good luck!

  • Zyp

    I think you are an all-around great guy and (not taking anything away from your competitors) I believe that good things happen to good people. Good luck.

  • Johnny Vegas

    I enjoyed the the episode where you almost got eliminated. Carnie is going to dominate and then eat you out !

  • Stacie Errazuriz

    Can’t wait to see the finale and watch you take Carnie down! Love your recipes and I anxiously await the triple pork taco!

  • Gabby

    So excited for the finale, you definitely gave me a few heart attacks lol, but I’m soo happy you made it to the finale, Go Dean!!

  • Rose Kirk

    We are all proud of your accomplishments. Good luck on the finale and we will anxiously be watching

  • H. S. Bosley

    I hope they have the food network channel at my hotel!!!

  • ptobias

    Congrats on winning!!!

  • Ro-Bear

    woo hoo You won I am so happy that I cried Way To Go Dean


    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Our family watched the finale together! My 3 kids love you! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We cheered so loud!

  • Stephanie Cunningham

    Congrats Dean! You have worked so hard for you and your family! Your charity should be so happy you won and that you made them proud.

  • Stephanie Cunningham

    They need to give you your own Gourmet Dad show. If not, you and Tori should do a family cook book. My son is getting into cooking. We can cook to your cook book!!

  • Dot Allen

    WAY TO GO! So glad you won! Rooted for you all the way! Thanks for making an enjoyable season!

  • H. S. Bosley

    Congrats on your win; and also kudos to Carnie!!! The two of you made a good finale!!

  • *Ash*

    Congrats! You are such an awesome dad and hubby! You deserved the big win tonight!

  • LSlater213


    I have a confession to make: I never took you seriously until this show. I thought your reality shows must have been scripted because Hollywood folks as handsome/beautiful as you & Tori couldn’t be as down-to-earth as you seemed. RvG has opened my eyes not only to your talent as a chef (and to me you’ve earned that title as surely as if you’d gone to the Cordon Bleu), but as a husband, a dad, and a HUMAN. Thank you so much for reminding people of what’s important. The fact that you are SO moved by your children and by the charity that you chose to benefit is absolutely refreshing, especially in a society who by and large use electronic babysitters and expect school systems to teach their kids manners and values along with the 3 R’s. Your reminder that we are ALL in this life together, and that it’s time to insist on village mentality is a great inspiration. I applaud your win not only on RvG, but in life. Well done, Dean!

  • Mom2Lily&Adam

    Deano! You did it! I am so excited for you! I watched your love of cooking grow on your reality show and knew you were awesome. But this was the best show ever to learn even more about how good you really are! To see Scouty there to help you and the kids to hold your hand at the end brought a tear to my eye! You are an amazing chef, dad, husband, and person! So proud of you!

  • Tree

    I knew you could do it you are amazing you so deserve it I can’t wait for more of your wonderful dishes my family has benefited from your delicious dishes just wanted to say congratulation on your win and keep up the great work we love you and your whole family you guys are awesome in my book one of your biggest fans

  • Elizabeth Parrish

    Congratulations, Dean! So excited for your win!

  • Lisa B

    I so enjoyed watching you on RvG. I was a fan from watching your Tori and Dean shows. You seem like a such a great guy and I had always thought that you would be so fun to hang out with. Now you sealed the deal with your culinary expertise! You deserved the win and I was thrilled when it was announced. I look forward to following your success :)

  • Jules

    Way to go Daddy Dean!!! I’m thrilled for you that you made it into the finals. You have earned it every step of the way. I must say that I think you are simply an amazing husband, father and individual. You and Tori have shown the world that you are human and that real life happens to us no matter how much fame and fortune. I have so much respect for you both and your children are beautiful. I wish you much luck in your future endeavors as Gourmet Dad, you certainly deserve it.

  • ErinK

    Congratulations! Your family must be so proud!

  • Min

    I was so happy for you when you won. You deserved it. I am glad you found your passion. I hope there is a cook book and/or another show in the works.

  • master chef ryan mckenzie

    its tuesday the 11th of feb. just got to watch the show on dvr, way to go, i knew u would pull it off, congrates good think about putting a cookbook togeather for ur charity, i would buy it. good cooking, good eating, good friends and family make it all worthwhile,.

  • amy yarman

    Congrats on the big win! you deserve it.. a man of many talents!!

  • DebbieGville

    I agree with you. Dean you have a gift. We look forward to show, cookbook and /or restaurant from you. It was great to watch you compete. Best Wishes!!!

  • Stephanie Campbell

    You made this season. I rooted for you every Sunday night like it was nobodies business. Carnie was awesome but you were more awesome. I totally think you need to write a Gourmet Dad cookbook. I know I would buy it.

  • dancinggirl

    Congratulations! Way to rock and for a good cause too. #suchafan of Rachael and Guy as well…woohoo!

  • Mommy of 8

    W2G Dean you Rock.. Your an amazing individual, husband, father and COOK!!

  • Alex

    Congratulations Dean watched the whole show and was pulling for u from the get go I was so happy when u won u did a fantastic job and knew u were going to WIN!!!! :)

  • Cheeks1

    Congratulates! I knew you were going to win! Love you and Tori!

  • Melissa K

    I was so excited when I saw you were going to be competing. I watch all that you and Tori do… so love you and your family. Amazing when people put positive energy into the world and you guys truly know how to do that. I cheered for you every episode and was so excited when you won!! Congratulations… so well deserved!!

  • Heidi Granatelli

    I totally enjoyed watching the show and am so proud of you. You did phenomenal and everything you cooked looked amazing. Congratulations on the win, but I already knew you were going to take the whole competition from the first show.
    I think your family is wonderful to watch and I enjoy knowing what you are up to next. You are extremely blessed to have such a great wife and kids.
    Much love to you all,

  • GAmommyofthree

    Hi Dean!! I am thrilled that you won Rachel Vs Guy!! I certainly hope that you get your own Food Network called The Gourmet Dad!! I love it!! Best wishes to you and Tori and your wonderful family!! Love you guys!

  • Doreen Porzio

    Hey Dean! First of all, I love what you wrote, very well said!!…. Congrats on your win on “RvG!” You were Amazing! Every Sunday nite I was glued to the T.V. watching you! We also were tweeting our faces off & going Nuts during #RvG for you Dean!! You were so helpful to all your competitors! It was so awesome to see you be the Real person you Are! A Great Guy!!….. Although, I have to say, I was yelling in my Familyroom, “Stop Helping them! Your getting backed up with your own dish!!!!” Lol!… I Screamed with excitment and joy when you Won!! I was so HAPPY and PROUD of you! Dean, you proved what a Fantastic Cook you REALLY are!! It was SO Wonderful that you won $50,000 for the Charity, Miracle Babies that was so dear to your hearts!!…. I loved watching Liam & Stella come running in to see you! Your whole face just LIT up!! That’s when I lost it!… Then you were announced the winner! Yes, I screamed & also did cry… Congrats again!! You deserved it!! Looking forward to where you go from here!!… Your a Great Dad too! Love to Tori & the Family!! Xo #TeamDean #TeamGuy #TheGourmetDad

  • Duckfart

    Hi Dean,
    Wonderful news of your win on RvG. Congratulations to you I knew you could do it, I never doubted you for a moment. You and Tori and your beautiful family inspires me and countless others every day. Thank you for that.