Liam & Stella: 2nd Generation Chefs

And So It Begins…

As I was sitting watching a Kings game recently, I was pleasantly surprised with dinner from two of the cutest chefs in the world. That’s right: Chef Liam and Chef Stella. These skillfully home-trained chef whipped up a delicious Nutella, honey and Cocoa Krispies “Bagel Delicioso.” And let me tell you, it was delicious. I’m not just saying that because they’re my kids, but they put together a really good, albeit sweet dish. It had levels of taste and texture: the soft, fresh bagel, the creamy smooth Nutella with a hazelnut finish, the floral notes in the honey, and the crunch from the Cocoa Krispies made this a really well-balanced dish. Have a look for yourselves:

I was such a proud Papa. Unsolicited, my little ones that I taught how to cut, chop, and spread, made me dinner. They exemplified what cooking is all about – evoking feelings and creating memories. I’ll never forget this. Their little faces lit up when I told them it was amazing. I’ve never seen them so happy, which in turn made me happy. I’m so proud of them.

They then made Tori and I a turkey, cheese, and tuna sandwich with mustard, mayo, and ketchup. Next came a dessert of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, Cocoa Krispies, and sliced banana. To see them in action making dessert, click HERE (make sure you’ve signed up for the site and are logged in so you can check this out). Both dishes were amazing. They were so happy making food for Tori and I, and loved making us happy. They get it, that feeling of making people happy through food. I think I have two budding chefs on my hands, and I couldn’t be happier.

It all started at home: including the kids when I was cooking, and teaching them some basic knife skills. If I can do it with my little ones, you can too.

Do you have a budding chef in your home? Tell me about them in the comments section below, and send me recipes and photos. I would love to share them with everyone on my site.

  • Martha Tackett

    May I just say, Dean, that your children are so very, very lucky to have a dad like you. :)

  • Priscilla Nezat

    I love, love, love this family! Have been a huge fan since the beginning. Keep up the excellent work, this world needs more families like yours!

  • DiGirl2012

    Just adorable!!! Beautiful family filled with so much love!

  • H. S. Bosley

    I have no idea how to upload a picture to this – anybody???

  • RobJ98168

    Too precious!!!

  • gynyjo

    I love your familly and your life. It s just adorable

  • Marymc

    Wonderful dinner from such thoughtful chefs. Happy that the family is doing well. Wondering if y’all will be back with your tv show this year or are too busy with such a large family.

  • Tara A

    Tori & Dean~ After Seeing THIS Adorbsss VIDEO.. I Had to Sign Up 4Your Page :)))) We’ve Bn Lifelong Foodies..& We’d Spend EVERY Possible Fri/Sat/Sun Nites COOKING/ ENTERTAINING So We Could STAY HOME While MY Son was Growing UP!!! Son’s NoW an AMAZING FAB COOK Himself.. OMG Can HE BBQ :))) & Doing Same with MY 2Grands (6 & 8) Soon I’ll Upload You a Few of Their Cutie Patootie Creations :))) They LUV LOVE 2Use Slices of DiFF Veggies especially in DIFF COLORS.. To Make Funny Faced Sandwiches..& Diff Pizza & Pita Bread Creations!!! Then there’s GR8 DESSERTS..frozen Yogurts Topped w/Peach/Mango/ Banana Slices :))) course CUTIE Tangerine Sections Too!!! Cooking with KIDS.. Is SO Much Funnn (& SO GR8 SpendG FAM TIME) I Should’ve Tapped Into MY GrandPas’ Producer/Director LIFE..)& DONE a KIDS SHOW With the KiDS :)))) Bc We NEVER RUN OUT of GR8, Ideas..& Ppl Have 2 Eat 24/7 :))) BTW: MY Grands MAKE thee BEST Chicken Wings..Youve EVER TASTED!!! Thanks To Frank/Teresa Who Owned The ANCHOR BAR In Buffalo,NY 35/40Yrs Ago…& INVENTED WINGS!!! What a BLeSSG 4Us 2Have Known Them..& Have the Original Wing/SAUCE RECIPE :)))) OuR Wings WiNNN BEST EVER.. Always :)))) Recipes THAT SIMPLE.. Not Only Thrill the FAMILY.. But Friends/ Guests.. As Well :)))) Talk about Kids EXCITED Over Their Cooking On FOOTBALL GAME DAYS!!!! Be Party at Your House!!!!

  • Tara A

    There Should Be a PHOTO ICON BUTTON.. Soon as You Go To Do a “Reply”!!!! Im On an iPhone.. So That’s ALL I Know.. Hope It Helps :))))

  • H. S. Bosley

    Thanks!! I’m not seeing it on my laptop. Will try the phone or tablet.

  • Sofia Mesones

    I have a lady chef at home, you have to see her video of brownies. It is in spanish… Now, I am organizing her a cooking birthday party.

  • DeannaLynn

    I love the way that you cook with your kids. I have been cooking with my son since he was about 5 years old and he loves it. He is now 12 and anytime that I say I need anything cut up he is right there willing to help. He is also a Boy Scout and the skills that he has learned cooking at home help him on the campouts where the boys fix their own meals.