Open Letter to Tori on Valentine’s Day

To the lady that stole my heart and my soul,

Well, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and everyone, including myself, is making dinner reservations, buying chocolates and flowers and cards that carry the sentiment and feelings you have for your loved one. It’s a wonderful time to express your feelings to your loved one, and I have to be completely honest with you. Every day is Valentine’s Day at my house.


Every morning I wake up and see my beautiful wife is like a gift. She gave me the gift of love and gorgeous wonderful babies. I just have to sit back, take a breath, and realize today is another gift. A gift of hugs and kisses from the most important people in my life. To hear Liam and Stella run down the hall yelling “Daddy! Daddy!” and I’m met with huge hugs and kisses. I hear Hattie screaming “da da da da” from her high chair cracks me up and warms my heart. Hattie squeals with joy with a big hug and a kiss. Finn hears all the commotion and starts to coo and smile. It’s not until I pick him up does he realize that all this is because daddy came home. He greets me with arms and legs kicking and the biggest gummy smile from ear to ear with a ton of drool that drips to the floor, or usually the tops of my boots.

Then the crowning moment. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen is in my kitchen. Everything turns to slow motion, she turns to catch my gaze, and with every step closer to me her smile gets bigger and bigger, her gorgeous brown eyes sparkling with a satisfaction of seeing me and knowing she’s safe and loved. I’m immediately transported back to that tiny production office in Ottawa, Canada where we first met. It takes my breath away, and I’m overwhelmed with the feeling of love. This is love.

This is how I feel every day, every waking moment of my life, and I can’t believe that this is my life. My wonderful crazy life. A life full of love that I acknowledge with every breath I breathe.

Happy Valentines Day, my love. You changed my life, and I am forever grateful for the love and family you’ve given me.
I love you.

Dean oxoxo

Blessed is the man who is loved.
Praise and devotion is deserved to the woman that gives it.

How are you showing extra love to the special person in your life today? Tell me in the comments below.

  • amy yarman

    My husband and I feel the same way. Thanks for making me cry first thing this morning! :) I always say if families felt the same love we do every day the world would be a much different place. I would wish you all a happy valentine’s day..but i already know it’ll be amazing! Thank you for sharing your most precious moments with all of us.

  • LSlater213

    I’m still single, but hope that if I ever do find Mr. Right he’s as family-focused as you are!

  • callie washer

    How sweet!

  • Kendall Fisher

    Love this note!! But I have a question for all of you… Do men expect gifts on Valentine’s Day? I always WANT to do something for my boyfriend, but I never know what he would like?!! Anyone have advice?!! Thanks!

  • DeafMute

    Sorry I don’t know where else to post a comment, so I hit “reply”. Dean, you made our Valentine’s Day all the more sweeter by agreeing to help me out with my “Project Say Yes”, it really means so much to the both of us. Thanks for reaching out and doing that! You’re amazing. :) Happy Valentines to your whole family from ours. :) – Conor And Tracy

  • tyenfly

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loves!

    Like Conor (DeafMute) said, you two made our Valentine’s Day even more special because it’s our first one as an engaged couple and it meant a lot to me that you two participated in the project. I have always admired you and Tori, and learned a lot about relationships (especially the communication part) from your TV shows & books…you are a phenomenal couple! Thank you for sharing bits of your life with us over the years <3

    Psst…I used to tell my friends I hope I’d end up with someone amazing like you! Conor’s definitely it <3

  • Doreen Porzio

    Oh Dean,that was so BEAUTIFUL!! Yes, you also made me cry & gave me the chills reading this letter! I see it all happening as I read it! Your face lights up when you see Tori & the kids! I know that you have found your true “Love of Your Life!” I know it happened on the set of the movie “Mind Over Murder.” Your Love you share together is truly a blessing!! I am so Very Happy for you & your Family!! Happy Valentines Day!! Xo

  • Mauigirl09

    I am blessed to be loved this way and I know how much your note means to Tori. This is why I miss seeing you guys so much! To be loved this way is beyond measure. Thanks for sharing.

  • master chef ryan mckenzie

    YES WE HUSBANDS , BOYFRIENDS love getting Valentine’s gifts , flower’s are the usual, but what we men like is a nice funny card along with a serious one,to add to that go for a dinner out he’s favorite place there has to be 2 or more places he likes an go for the middle of the road not a dive and not the most pricey one u both feel good about but remember this is his gift u might have to give a little then put his cards under napkin or his desert , I have gone to our waiter and asked him to deliver it with the meal or desert big surprise, try this hopes this helps,

  • master chef ryan mckenzie

    Good job dean thanks for sharing, NOW GO COOK SOMETHING SPECIAL, I AM, TAKE CARE.

  • TheCookAtHomeDad

    I, too, am in the “soul mates” club. I’m making my beautiful wife and three girls homemade red velvet truffles. I’m grilling up a porterhouse and serving with twice baked potatoes and grilled asparagus. And I finally broke down and bought my wife a Keurig ;) Happy Valentine’s day all!

  • TheCookAtHomeDad

    I bought myself a shirt and gave it to my wife to give to me, lol. I don’t usually get gifts on Valentine’s day ;)

  • Meredith Miner-Reese

    I hope you know how fortunate you are to have this kind of love. It’s rare and wonderful and to top it off, you have beautiful healthy babies. I wish the absolute best for you both that you always look at each other like it’s for the first time and always love and deserve one another. bless. xo xo Happiness always.

  • Dee

    That was so beautifully written, that I am bawling happy tears. You are very lucky and blessed. So is Tori. So are your children. I love how you do not take any of it for granted and live in each moment. Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  • Kristina

    Dean, I just joined the site and I wanted to let you know I’m a huge fan! I love watching you and Tori’s show and I was so excited to see you on RvG. The relationship you and Tori have is one that I look to as an example of what I want in my life. You’re an inspiration all around! Keep doing stuff, I’ll be watching!

  • Tara A

    Nothing More Funnn On Valentines Day..then Making Our Deserving Guys BEAM.. By Sending Them “Flowers”..(Chocolates/lunch) to the OFFICE!!! Cant Tell You Back in My Dating Days.. How Many Men told Me.. They’d NeVeR Had a Girl Send Them FLOWERS!!! :)))) Promise Ladies.. If Youre Dating a Guy that Needs a little Nudge..SEND HIM Flowers 2the Office :) Thats an Absolute Way 4Any Girl 2KNOW if HE’s THAT INTO YOU :) :) :) by all means <-DONT DO THIS..Unless You REALLY Want 2KNOW!!! LoL lol

  • master chef ryan mckenzie

    Hey Tara, yes good idea on office but sometimes the office is not a place that can work out with food and flowers but good idea, so that’s why I said a nice dinner for the above situation, what would be really nice is one rose to the job and 2 roses at a nice dinner.

  • CinisterCindy

    Love it…just joined and to be honest…it would piss me off when my husband would bring me flowers for V-Day. I have issues, I know. But this year….after 13 years together he finally made me happy! He came home with a pizza instead of flowers and lets just say…baby number 4 will be here beginning of December. Woot-Woot!