A Trip to the Dentist….

Well it’s that time of year again: dentist time for the little ones!
It seems like an easy thing to do…..right?

Well, I probably shouldn’t have told the kids about my triple root canals. I thought they’d be fascinated, and they were, but little did I know that the kids’ check-up would be 2 days after my canals and crowns. It just slipped my mind!

After a little persuading and a promised trip to Chuck E. Cheese, I loaded my frightened yet somewhat brave kids into the car and headed off to see the Grim Reaper . . . Uh, I mean dentist.

The kids go to my dentist, who happens to be the nicest guy in the world. The kids took to him in a heartbeat. He had them asking questions, checking out equipment and generally excited for what was to come.

Ok, Liam is up first. Thumbs up, and a little concerned.



Still concerned, but thrilled his two lower front teeth are loose due to his grown up teeth pushing up from behind them. He’s very excited to lose some teeth. He can’t wait! In fact, he said he “needed the money”….for what, I don’t know.


After a cleaning and a declaration of “no cavities” from the dentist. Liam is thrilled with his sparkly pearly whites.


Well, it’s little buggie’s turn. Now, Stella is a trooper. She won’t tell you she’s afraid of something – she’ll grin and bear it, but not hide it very well.  Note the fear in her eyes despite the big (fake) smile.


Ok, we’re off to the races and she’s starting to settle in. She’s actually starting to giggle. The machine is tickling her teeth.



Now with another proclamation – “no cavities!!” – Stella is all smiles and thrilled with her dental experience. A big smile, big thumbs up, and now it’s goodie time: sugarless suckers, a bag with dental floss, and toothpaste and toothbrush. And a few extra fun things – masks, rubber gloves and paper cups that you use to spit and rinse in.


Oh, and Liam found another use for the rinse and spot cups.

…classic Liam.



How do your kids react when you take them to the dentist or doctor? Any funny stories? Share them with me in the comments!


  • HeatherT

    That is hilarious, Liam cracks me up!!!

  • Louise smith

    Hey Dean
    greast looking family,Liam looks like you as a little boy
    and Stella I can see looks so much like you mom……I also
    saw your posting with your sisters and i remember that group
    shot and your other sister was Sandy ..great pic of everyone
    your mom and dad where truly great neighbours…..Louise S

  • Rudy Alapag

    oh how i love the dentist. mine is in next week. can’t complain. i have been having a lot of root canals too so you are NOT the only one.

  • H. S. Bosley

    Take note: My five year old has already lost her two, front, bottom teeth and the price of the tooth fairy has gone WAY up!!!

  • kat hartwell

    amazing!!! dean.. your kids are just growing soo beautifully and i can see soo much of you and tori in them!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! and your a wonderful father, and husband too!!! really wish i had a chance to meet you and tori, im your biggest fan and admirer.. trying to get a trip out to CA to visit my good friend then hopefully visit InvenTORI LA……. Take care!! have a great week!!!!! Hi to your loved ones!

  • happy

    Makes me Happy,they real Troopers and so Cute too!

  • happy


  • Kelly

    Well done to Liam and Stella. I am sure their teeth are perfectly healthy. xx
    I recommend you to visit the Dentist twice a year for a general checkup.
    .Now you can find a dentist ONLINE in your area.Visit: http://www.wellness.com