The Rachael vs Guy Premiere!

A little over six months ago I put my culinary school skills into action with my first gig at the Andaz Hotel on Sunset Blvd. It was an unbelievable experience–further reinforcing my desire to be a chef.  Sure I’ve cooked for T and the kids for some time, but now I was creating a unique gourmet menu and sharing my knowledge of kid-friendly meals with others. Since then a lot has been happening with the fam, and while I’ve been showing off some recipes on Hallmark’s Home & Family, I haven’t been able to put my skills to test. Until now…


This Sunday, January 6th, you’ll get a taste of one of the biggest cooking challenges I’ve faced yet, the Rachael vs. Guy’s Celebrity Cook-Off. As part of Guy Fieri’s team, I’m eager and scared to death to be working with one of my favorite chefs. This is an incredible opportunity and I’m pretty stoked to be working with great people, spending time honing one of my biggest passions, AND having the opportunity to raise money for the charity of my choice.

The cooking challenges will be intense, so make sure to tune in this Sunday for the show’s premiere at 9 pm/ 8 pm Central.



Gourmet Dad
  • Kathleen O

    I can’t wait!! I’m really looking forward to this show. One, because I love it and two, because you’re on. I want to wish you all the best, I know you’ll do well.

    Just Keep Calm and Keep Cooking :)

  • Rudy Alapag

    Yes I will be.

  • gynyjo

    Buona fortuna

  • Jessica Provo

    Set up the show to record just the other day. Love the clips on Food Network channel. Good luck!!

  • Lisa

    I am so excited to see you on Rachel Vs Guy! I was looking for you on there last season! I hope you win-not only for your charity, but so I get to see your face every Sunday night! Good Luck and much love…

  • Marla Murasko

    Can’t wait! Glad to see you back on tv and doing what you love to do cook! Will be rooting for you from IN.

  • Victoria Victor

    Good luck Dean! Will be rooting for you…..

  • Bobbielynn

    Yay, I was hoping you’d get on the food network. I would love to be on Chopped. Hope this will turn into your own program soon.

  • Mrs. C

    Set the DVR to record the series … looking forward to seeing it. Good luck, we’re cheering you on.

  • Val

    Will definitely watch! Setting the DVR now! Thanks for the update. I know you’ll kick butt!

  • Susan Morris

    “I can act!” haha, that was awesome.

  • StephSCO

    I’ll be able to watch. Thanks for letting us know, and good luck!

  • Tania Cerin

    Hey Dean, best of luck for the day!!!! Perhaps you will your own cooking show on T.V someday. That would be awesome!! Hopefully the Rachael vs Guy’s celebrity cook off will be available on YouTube as I’m in Australia and the show is not aired here.

  • Doreen Porzio

    I definitely will be watching you & routing you on!! Been waiting for this moment!! Like I have said before, I am so very proud of how far you have come with your cooking skills!! You already are a Real Champion in my eyes no matter what the outcome!! You can cook your A#% off!! Thanks for the reminder,… but I already remembered!!Lol!! :)) Yes, I always said, that I thought you should open a restaurant or maybe a cooking show?!…. Who knows, time will tell!! Best of Luck to you!!…

  • Amy Hertog

    Saw the article in Entertainment Weekly. Kudos to Dean- he got quite
    a bit of praise from Guy! Looking forward to watching and some new cooking ideas.

  • Sue Grayson

    Deano!! I am rooting for you tonight!! I cant wait to watch it….

  • Tara

    I can’t wait for the show tonight. I’ve been excited since the first preview. I hope you go far!!

  • SPHockeyMom

    Cannot wait for the show … was in the audience for the taping of the first show. You told me that after it aired you would give me recipe for the first polenta dish … Hope that I can get it from you because it was amazing!! TEAM Dean all the way!

  • Keri McLeod

    I have just started watching Rachael vs Guy and I loved your play! You guys killed it.

  • Laura

    Love Rachael vs. Guy but it was even better with you on it! What a great job you did! What amazes me about you is that you have a dream and you go for it full force. xoxo

  • Melissa Garcia

    I was also in the audience for the taping of the first show. I have absolutley no idea how your dish was not the winning dish. It was to DIE for! Please share the wonderful recipe with us! Without your recipe I dont think I will ever be able to eat polenta again…just wont level up! Keep cooking the way you do and you will win this cook-off hands down!

  • Mauigirl09

    You should feel proud that you were picked first! You are a real contender. Good luck!

  • Samantha Watters

    I was seriously telling my husband I am not watching this show anymore if Dean gets kicked off! Way to go with that omelet. PS Please please do another season of Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood! :)

  • Jamie Dwyer

    Team Dean!