I’m Part of The Kitchen Takeover!



In case you haven’t heard, Kitchit is a website that brings top professional chefs to private and in-home events.  I’m so honored to be taking part in their Kitchen Takeover series at Abigaile in Hermosa Beach next Monday!  I’m preparing a 6 course tasting menu along with five other amazing chefs from top restaurants in the LA area.  The best part? A portion of proceeds from all of these events goes towards local charities. I could not be more excited for this event and hope to see some of you there!

To purchase tickets, click here.  Enter promo code RCA to benefit Ride For Autism.


Gourmet Dad
  • Tracy Martinez

    WTG DEAN! And for such an awesome cause. As a Mommy with an Autistic Son, we thank you!!!!

  • Rudy Alapag

    i’ll be watching.

  • Lisa

    That’s awesome. I would love to be there…and I’m trying! Lol However, I’m In Philly and getting a flight with a few days notice seems impossible. Will you be doing anymore?


    Best of luck!! Enjoy.

  • Johnny Vegas

    You are a giant douche! I hoppy Johnny Weir dunks his balls in your mouth!

  • master chef ryan mckenzie

    congrates on ur win and ur charity, i would try any of ur dishes, good job on the show, great last dish show, u pushed urself to the limit, just what a chef would do, no holding back, go for the gold and u did, as a masterchef i started just as u did, cooking for family and friends, started reading all the cookbooks i could get my hands on and pushed it to the limit and more, ow yes i am dyslexic, so sometimes a negative can give u positive as with cooking, go forth and cook, eat, love and be happy.