5 Recipes to Get You Through The Holidays

Presents are cool and all, but for me, the holidays are all about cooking. There’s nothing like spending time with your family in the kitchen, especially when it’s cold outside! Here are five dishes you can make together this season:


For Breakfast on Christmas Morning

You can’t go wrong with bacon, sausage and cheese. My kids love these savory muffins, and they’re one of my favorite breakfasts too. Try my recipe for Omelet Muffins.



H0PFGqfGKD1ZB1FOZb6CWgCF.jpeg:Amazon:photoA Sweet Treat for Christmas Eve

For a fun afternoon baking project, make my peppermint brownies. You can also follow my DIY instructions to make a Christmas Eve gift for the neighbors. Get the recipe and DIY instructions for Peppermint Brownies.


7qa0f1P0umYSXhKXlVypYLlY.jpeg:Amazon:photoFor a Christmas Day Side Dish

Your kids may want to turn this side dish into a main dish, so make sure you sneak some greens onto their plates. Get my recipe for Gourmet Mac ‘N Cheese.



o7zwsyc7vxcXukecg69bIuau.jpeg:Amazon:photoFor Christmas Day Dessert

This marbled pumpkin cheesecake is a winner and it looks impressive on a cake stand or on a plate. Get the recipe for Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake.



For New Year’s Day Dinner

Beef Bourguignon is the perfect stick to your ribs comfort food for a cold winter day. Try making it on New Year’s Day for a nourishing, low-key meal. It’s also great for using up leftover veggies. Here’s my recipe for the classic French Beef Bourguignon.


What are some of your favorite holiday dishes? Tell me which ones I should try in the comments below.

- Dean


Photo Credit: Food Network, Managed Macros, Eating Well.
Gourmet Dad
  • aosburn

    These look delish – I will definitely try the muffins for my little one.

  • EmmaBee

    Made the peppermint brownies for my hubby’s work X-mas party and they were a hit!!! Thanks for the recipe!