Mad Hattie’s Birthday Party

A few weeks ago we celebrated Hattie’s birthday with a Mad Hattie’s Tea Party themed party at our house. The whole family dressed up in Alice-inspired outfits…Stella was Alice, Liam and I were the Mad Hatter, Tori was the Red Queen, Finn was a “Drink Me” bottle, and Hattie was the Mad Hattie. Our yard was decorated with clocks, butterflies, the talking door, and I created giant cards like those in the Queen’s court.



Since Tori and I had already made Hattie cakes for her Birthday Cake Throwdown, we ordered desserts from Jenny Cookies.  I cooked up a huge spread. The menu consisted of Bourbon and BBQ meatballs, apple and tuna phyllo cups with manchego cheese, teriyaki honey ginger chicken wings, baked brie with fig jam and assorted finger sandwiches. Everyone loved the food, so that made me feel great.


The party was a lot of fun. I still can’t believe my little girl is one year old! Recipes and a how-to on some of the decorations will be up soon, so make sure to check back.  And for a full pictorial and videos from the day, you can visit Tori’s site.

What themes have you used for your kids’ birthdays?


  • BAS11530

    So cute – you always have the best parties for your kids!!! Everyone’s adorable – just love the costumes, especially Liam’s and Stella’s!!! Love to all and Happy Birthday, Hattie!!!

  • Darren

    Love how you guys did a lot of the stuff for the party yourselves. You guys are such hands-on parents! Love that!

  • Susan Morris

    Reallly impressed with how much you do yourselfs…probably saves money which is smart and makes it more personal anyway. Is the Wedding show ever returning? We got to see a lot those building, crafting and creating skills.

  • MN Badger

    Y’all always seem to be having a great time. That’s what life is all about. Good for you.

  • Rudy Alapag

    the food looks delicious, the 1st year old birthday girl looks very beautiful. i just got my 36th birthday this past Sunday and i went out to eat at a restaurant in York L.A. i had a great time. and i hope you and your family DO have a great one too as also your newest daughter. all of you look very impressive.

  • twin

    i lov way u do differ kind of food for her party and there costumes.i hope she had a good time on her 1 birthday.why did u guys stop doing toir and dean sweet home hollywood.i lov that show.