Why I Vote

The election is just a few weeks away and voting means you can help impact what happens in our country, in your life and in your family’s lives. Here’s why I believe voting is important:

What’s issues are important to you this election?


  • Rudy Alapag

    i’m 35 going on 36 in November 4th Sunday, i’m allowed to vote but i can’t because i really don’t know or don’t wanna be involved with politics. if my father was still around he would help me vote and i don’t even know who’s gonna be the next President and i for sure i don’t wanna vote.

  • Erin

    It is very important for every American to get educated on candidates and then vote. It’s not important to be for republican or democrat it’s for the issues we need to look at. So when I am casting my ballot the issues that matter to me is getting more jobs here and bringing down American debt I fear for our future America if these things aren’t taken care of.