Recipe: Icky Sticky Chicken

This kid-friendly recipe isn’t really icky, the kids just love saying it. But they love eating it even more!


One boneless, skinless chicken breast per child
¼ cup corn starch
¼ cup self rising flour or all purpose flour
Salt and white pepper
4 tablespoons vegetable oil
½ cup honey or agave nectar

Note: If you have a big jumbo breast, use one breast for two children. I like the normal-sized chicken breasts – the larger ones don’t appeal to me. Aside from looking like they came from a mutant chicken, they’re tricky to cook. Whether you’re grilling, baking or sautéing them, by the time the center of the chicken has cooked properly, the outer chicken is over cooked and dry.



Rinse and pat dry your chicken. Cut chicken into long strips about a ¼ of an inch wide, then cut strips in half.

Mix cornstarch and flour together. I like to use cornstarch and self-rising flour, because I find it gives the chicken a nice and light crispy crunch. The cornstarch gives it the crisp, and the self rising flour gives it a little volume/fluff to the yeast that is in it.

Season your cornstarch and flour mixture with salt and white pepper. I use white pepper, because I want to bring out the flavor of the chicken, but the kids won’t like seeing little black pepper bits. If you don’t have white pepper, just omit it from the recipe. White pepper is a great pantry staple as you can use it for mashed potatoes and sauces in which you do not want to see the black pepper bits.

Next, heat up the vegetable oil in a large frying pan. Dredge your chicken pieces in the flour-cornstarch mix. Be sure to knock off excess flour. It will clump and burn in your hot oil. The method we’re using is known as a shallow fry. It’s similar to wok frying, in which you use very little hot oil and quick fry your food. Place your chicken pieces in the hot oil. The chicken should take 4 to 5 minutes.

When the chicken is done, remove it with a slotted spoon or kitchen spyder. Immediately put the chicken in a stainless steel or glass bowl. Hit the chicken pieces with a bit of salt, then slowly pour the honey or agave over the chicken pieces, and lightly toss so all the pieces get coated with yummy sweetness.

You’re done! Serve with plain rice, fries or potato chips and thin sliced carrots, then watch it disappear.

Tip: This is a great hand passed nosh for the grown ups as well. Add some chili flakes to the honey to give it a little heat. Take some thinly sliced red cabbage marinated in a little rice wine, then roll it in butter lettuce. Mmm.

What’s your favorite method for frying chicken? Comment below with your preferred method.


Gourmet Dad
  • Kathleen O

    This recipe sounds like a total winner! I can’t wait to try this.

  • Kathleen O

    When cooking for children, remember to use pasteurized honey. Raw honey carries botulism spores and shouldn’t be served to young children, the elderly, or anyone with a compromised immune system (cancer patient, transplant recipient, chronic illness, etc.).

  • ErinK

    Tori must love that you cook!
    This is a must-try.

  • dancinggirl

    I love chicken fried with a nice, light beer batter. If you’re gonna fry, why not go all the way! yum

  • Rudy Alapag

    i love chicken. this should help me cook food because i am independent at my own studio apartment i could make this if i had the sticks. but, thank you, this should be helpful.

  • margaretv

    i really love your recipes. they make sense for my “take it easy” life style. not too hard, explained fully, and tasting amazing… thanks!

  • Corkpop

    This sounds delicious but I do have to correct one thing…there is no “yeast” in self rising flour. There is added baking powder/soda to make it rise.

  • LTualla

    Try adding some slivers of ginger in the honey!!!! Super yummy!!!!

  • Marymc

    I’ve noticed that several chefs say to not wash chicken as it spreads bacteria over a large area in the kitchen – even when in the sink. What was taught to you in cooking school?
    I have several autoimmune diseases and try to be exceedingly cautious around food.

  • Heather Hunt

    This looks so yummy! Such a great thing to make for my little boys who eat so much! These are perfect little bites… For them.. Just wondering what kind of side dish would be good with these?