Watch: Hattie Picks A Winning Cake

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Birthday Cake Challenge post, Tori and I flexed our baking muscles and created two cakes for Hattie’s first birthday. Many of you weighed in on which one she would choose, and guess what? After placing the cakes down on the floor, she crawled over to mine! She’s a girl who knows what she wants, and in the end she enjoyed a little of both creations. Watch her make the final decision below and then head over to Tori’s site to see more pictures of Hattie’s birthday cake.


What kind of cake or treat did you give your child on their first birthday? 


Gourmet Dad
  • Dolphingirl

    Oh my goodness so cute!!! I wouldn’t be able to decide. Both cakes look amazing. My icing technique needs a lot of work.

    Question for you Dean: When making a multi-layer cake how do you make each layer sit flat on top of each other?

  • Doreen Porzio

    Such adorable pics of Hattie!!! Can’t believe she is 1yr old already! I loved both of the cakes! I find it so ironic that Hattie crawled to your cake, Dean! No offense! You figure Hattie would go for the bigger, higher cake!! That must have been so fun to watch and see which cake she went for!! What a fun family moment!! Well, guess you won the Master Challenge!! Haha!! She knew her Daddy baked it!! After all, you are The Gourmet Dad!! Also, she is “Daddys Little Girl!!” Congrats to you!! I’m glad she enjoyed both of your cakes!! Love the cake all over the face pic!! It is always a Must!! So much fun!! Happy Birthday to Hattie!! Hope she had lots of Fun!! Xo

    To answer your question, I really can’t remember exactly! We were in the midddle of packing & getting ready to move the next day from L.I.,N.Y. to Florida! My sister bought a cake with vanilla icing & I let Kristina stick her hands in it and grab out her handful of cake! Needless to say, It was all over her face too!! Afterall, that’s what is suppose to happen on their 1st birthdays! We cut our pieces of cake from the other side! Haha! :))

  • Darren

    You guys both did an amazing job! Tasty looking. I was going to have chili for supper, but forget, I’m moving onto dessert instead ;) Love the play on words with a ‘hat’ for Hattie. Adorable :)

  • Pam

    Dean, Tori,

    She is absolutely precious. And this is exactly what I did with my two and my sweet nephew, who are now about your age.

    But I did think she would choose the bigger cake. So I lost the bet but both cakes were so beautiful they looked like you bought them. You are both so talented.

    Happy Birthday Hattie!

    Grammie Pam

  • Pam

    They also call me Pammer Pajammer but that’s a little tough for the little ones.

    My kids have chosen not to have children. I had two and my nephew and fostered 35. So to discover I won’t be a grandmother is tough.

    So I love all children and I will be Grammie Pammie to all children whose parents will allow me…lol

  • Pam

    Darn it, I forgot to tell you what I meant to last comment. Mine put their feet in the cake too. Did you let her sit with the cake after she chose it? Did you get pics of her with her feet in the cake. So cute. I have pictures and I just love them and sit and cry with joy.

    ok that’s really all!

  • Doreen Porzio

    Wow, I Loved watching that video!! Hattie Cat was too cute!! Looked like she couldn’t make up her mind on the video!! I loved the way she went back & forth and then grabbing the cake plates at that!! It was so fun to watch!! Lastly I loved her little “Go Mamma” dance!! She is a natural!! I love her!! She is sooo sweet!! That was Great, I really enjoyed watching it!! Thank you for sharing all of your memorable times with all of us!!…. I use to walk around with the big video camera on my shoulder taping my daughter every single day!! Those things were heavy!! I would then send a video to my sister that was still in N.Y. so she can see my daughter on tape!! She loved them!! She later moved here 2yrs later!!…. I can totally relate to the
    “Oh no the battery is dying!” statement!! Keep them coming!! Love them all!! Miss you guys!! Love & hugs!! Xoxo

  • Jordan12295

    I loved when Hattie started dancing! You have the cutest kids :)

  • KGus

    Hi Dean! Last week I had a cold and I saw “Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood” on TV. I’ve now spent my illnes watching every episode available on my swedish TV (last episode was when Hattie was born)!
    I had never heard of you two before, but now I have fallen in love with your family! You and Tori seems like great parents and so loving persons. You really went straight into my heart. I even cried a few times :-)
    I wish your family all the best and I hope you all are alright.
    Love from a new fan in Sweden.

  • Angelique Bakker

    Love the video and the picture!