Hattie’s Birthday Cake Challenge

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition between a husband and wife. That is if your wife wins, of course. As most of you know Hattie just recently turned 1. So my loving wife issued a birthday cake throwdown. She’s been watching way too much Bobby Flay.


So we made a mad dash to the pantry and collected our weapons of bakery destruction. The competition was intense, and when the dust and smoke had settled we were left with two awesome cakes, if I do say so myself. We decided that Hattie would be our Throwdown judge. We put our creations on the floor in front of her, and she made her ultimate choice.

You can see how these cakes were made on Tori’s site, and check back here tomorrow for the results.

In the meantime, cast your vote for which cake you think Hattie chose. 

Good luck Babe.



Gourmet Dad
  • Colleen

    that’s a tough one – they’re both great looking (mouth is watering imagining how yummy they are). i will guess that she went for the taller one – in front of stella

  • Stephanie in KC

    I have become wheat free 6 months ago and I still want a bite of these! Yum!! I think she choose the striped one because it reminded her of a block tower set. Wannta send me a wheat free cake Dean? LOL!:) OK OK how about just a good recipe for my husband to make me?

  • Jennk

    They both look Amazing! Good job both of you! Ok my baby girl just turned 1 on t 5th and she’s All about pink….so I’ve got to go with Tori’s cake. Again great cakes both of you!

    Jenn…mom of 5!

  • catmom5177

    I think Hattie also went for the bigger of the two cakes. Not because it’s bigger, but because it has different colors including pink with more frosting around it. Well I’m just guessing because that is what I would go for when I was young. They both look amazing and I would choose both now, but for a 1 year old, I think she chose the big one. Happy Birthday to Hattie!!! So precious!

  • Angi

    I would think the multi-colored one…it looks funner :-)

  • kdtann

    The cakes are both great!! I think she went for the smaller one because it was more her size…

  • Hangtown_girl

    They are both beautiful..I believe Hattie went for the cake in front of Liam..No, she did both..one with each hand!

  • Tracy Martinez

    They’re both lovely and you both did an awesome job. I think she went to the Multi Colored Cake, because she is her Mother’s daughter and Tori loves color!!!

  • ErinK

    Both cakes look amazing! I think your daughter Hattie went for the all-purple cake! The black ribbon against the purple is eye-catching!
    Stella and Liam look like they want a piece to celebrate.

  • Momof2boys

    I think the 4 layer cake!

  • tink

    i think she went for the multi colored one because of the colors, i believe it would be more attracting to her eye. but i personally love the mad hatter hat. i love homemade cakes on birthdays. thats the one thing my kids actually look forward to on their birthday,their mom making a special cake just for them!

  • Bunny

    I think Hattie chose the big one. They are both beautiful but the big one would be overwhelming to a child. (I think) Can’t believe she is one (1) already. Wow you guys are getting old, lol Love to you all Dean.

  • Colleen

    oh – and i meant to also say awesome idea for the hat cake for your ‘hattie cat’!

  • Imelda

    Both cakes are beautiful! Good job guys.I think Hattie picked the multicolored one. My birthday is coming up, are you taking any orders? Just kidding. :-)

  • gigi

    I like the layer cake!!!

  • Rockabilly Betties

    Great job guys. You guys are so cute and teh way you guys challenge each other in a positive way is sweet. I am not sure which one she would have chose because the multicolor one is bigger but the hat one is like Hattie so its a close one. I think the purple hat one

  • gigi

    I already voted for cake,but I cannot sign up on tori’ site please help

  • faith20ten

    As I don’t know Hattie’s personality anymore (we don’t have cable anymore so we don’t get yo watch the show!) I will choose what my girls would choose. With that being said, I will say the multi-colored one. I like that “hat” because of the humor implied and I’m all about humor.

  • carrie allen

    I want to say the 4 color one, but that little tag on the mad hatter cake looks very grabby for a 1 year old… so if it was a matter of her just pointing to grab at one I would say the mad hatter

  • Keont

    I have to go with Tori’s. The colors just grab my attention. It’s simple, yet cute…and girly. No offense, Dean. Your cake is great as well. Tori’s just grabbed my attention. Can’t wait to see you guys cut into that tall cake. Happy birthday, Hattie!!

  • Jordan12295

    Wow both cakes came out GREAT! :D For a little girl’s bday party though, I’d have to go with Tori’s! It’s more colorful. I still love the Mad Hatter hat though, Dean!

  • Desi

    How adorable are you guys!!!! That is so sweet. Good for you

  • Rudy Alapag

    i like Tori’s too. very colorful and not only one color. i’ve never seen two different colors like that since the ice cream neopolitan. the chocolate, vanilla and the pink ice cream.

  • LinnTwinMomma

    Totally the rainbow cake. Kids love color!

  • Susan Morris

    These are both great looking cakes, but the tall rainbow cake catches my eye, so I’m going to guess that Hattie went for it. who’s cake is which? I didn’t see that part.

  • sal

    wow, i love them both, they are just wonderful, they are following in mom and dad’s footsteps!

  • Darren

    Great job dude! Can’t wait to see your culinary skills televised this January! You’re gonna knock the competition outta the park! I ‘darrentee’ it ;) Great job on the cake. They book look (and I’m sure tasted) amazing!