Tori’s Pregnancy with Finn

Tori endured quite a bit while pregnant with baby Finn.  Everything is ok now and she’s doing well, but the journey was intense for the entire family. You can read about Tori’s scary pregnancy condition now, and pick up this week’s issue, out Friday, for more details and to see the first pictures of my little man, Finn.


Thanks again to everyone who has been so supportive, we appreciate it greatly.



  • Rudy Alapag

    oh yes, thank goodness for the email dean. now the big brother has a sister now. i am sure Tori is relaxing now. what a shock. i’m thinking of getting the magazine pretty soon. thank you for keeping me posted.

  • Barbara

    Oh I’m so sorry you guys had to go through all that. I also had a scare, though not as bad, and I can relate to thinking about one’s own children through a time of crisis. I think that’s what keeps us Moms going. You have a beautiful family. May your wife continue on healing, getting rest, and enjoying the new addition to your family

  • voodoo

    Scary things can and do happen in pregnancies. Such a relief to see all are coping well now. Such a beautiful family and with two dedicated parents…what more could you want. love and blessings to all. Sheridan.

  • Pam

    I believe I’ve mentioned to you before that I am a nurse or was a nurse in OB/GYN/Infertility in Newport Beach CA.

    I am very familiar with placenta previa and it is a precarious condition. It is not likely to happen again. I am so proud of Tori because I know she hates doctors and needles although she may be becoming a professional by now.

    Happy Mom & Son are fine. Kiss all the kids for me. Pam

  • Sharon

    Wow! Was so surprised to hear this as I didn’t know she was in the hospital for so long. How you kept that out of the media….kudos to you guys! So terribly sorry to hear what you guys have had to go through! Tori must have been terrified. I know I would have been. Very happy to hear all is well now :-) from one mom to another, my heart is so happy for you guys. Congrats on having 4 beautiful children!! Funny how you you each have 2 (a boy and girl) that look like you (Liam & Hattie look like T, and Stella & Finn look like Dean). Can’t wait till the next home sweet Hollywood !

  • Hangtown_girl

    So thankful that Tori and Finn are both doing well now! You guys have a very loving and beautiful family..Love your show Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood!

  • Elizabeth Gavin

    A lot of people had tons of well wishes for Tori and Finn when this article was published. I just wanted to reach out and say YOU are brave. It must have been really scary to be faced with this situation and possibly going without the love of your life in the near future. But you’re a great dad and I’m sure you held it together for your kids and so Tori could just focus on getting better.