3 Post-Baby Gestures for Your Spouse

As you know, Tori just gave birth to the newest addition to our family, Finn.  I can’t even express how much love I feel for both her and baby Finn right now – every time I see the two of them I feel like my heart is going to burst with happiness.  Usually, after pregnancy everyone’s attention goes straight to the baby. But it’s important to give our spouses extra special attention as well. I find that doing small things to make T feel special after her past pregnancies brings us even closer together and helps build a loving environment around our baby as well.  Here are three ways you can shower your wife with some post-pregnancy love:


1) Foot rub – I think this simple gesture is one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to help your wife de-stress, especially after a long day of running around the house with a baby.  Read or watch a tutorial online to really know what you’re doing!

2) Surprise gift – A small, unexpected gift shows that she’s on your mind and you appreciate everything she does.  You can get her a bouquet of flowers or make her favorite dessert at the end of dinner.  If you go the flower route, take them out of the cellophane wrap, trim the stems, wrap them in some burlap, and tie them up with twine. Next time you’re at the hardware store grab some twine, burlap and a pair of scissors and keep it in your car. This small and easy gesture will be huge for your wife. Anybody can buy flowers, a loving husband goes the extra mile.

3) Listen – I know this might seem like a cop-out because it’s so obvious, but it’s surprisingly easy for us guys to tune out everything else and just zoom in on the baby.  Make sure that you ask your wife about her day, and when she answers, try to really pay attention to what she’s saying and read in between the lines – it’ll help you discover other ways to make her feel special.  If she says she’s been tending to the baby all day and hasn’t had a moment to eat, offer to make or pick up dinner (and get enough so she has leftovers to heat up for the next day).  If she says she’s tired, offer to watch the baby and suggest she pampers herself with a bubble bath. There are so many ways to make your wife feel special, you just have to listen!

What are some ways you like to make your spouse feel special after pregnancy?


  • carrie allen

    It is so nice to have someone think of you just because…its the little things that mean the most (and don’t cost a dime)

  • Amanda Mott

    My husband needs to see this! We have a 2 month (OMG already??)and it’s definitely all about baby, which is 100% fine, however, a little us time would be very much appreciated at times!

  • julie

    Dean, I just think you are awesome. An awesome husband and an awesome dad. Tori and the kids(all 5) are so lucky to have you, and you are lucky to have them. We are done having kids, (we have 5 as well) Why didn’t you write this 14 years ago when our first was born! LOL! My husband never really did any of those things, but he did other things that helped me. For one, he is a very hands on dad like you. He would stay home with them in a heartbeat if he could. Have fun with your beautiful family, and tell Tori I just adore her and congrats to you all! -Julie

  • Barbara

    Those are all nice. The best thing my husband did for me was bring me breakfast in bed. This was when I came home from the hospital after my cesarean. I was breastfeeding the whole night and exhausted. My husband comes in with a tray of fresh breakfast…and cleaned up after. It was the best thing he ever did for me!