5 Essential Cooking Tools

Owning the right cooking tools is vital when you’re making meals for yourself and your family, because what you cook with is as important as what you make.  Below are five kitchen tools I could not live without, and neither should you.


I’m a bit of a tong fanatic. Ok, that’s an understatement.

You can never have too many tongs. I like to have a long pair for grilling or reaching into deep pots. The longer the tong, the further away your hand is from the heat source.


I use them for everything–mixing, tossing, stirring, and ladling. I even use them to take hot trays out of the oven. Seriously, everything!!

Cutting Boards

Every kitchen needs a good cutting board. Because so much of cooking involves the prepping of ingredients, you need a board that is comfortable and stable. A wooden board is usually softer and easier on your hands and wrist. It’s not as rigid as plastic. I find a wooden board grips the tip of the knife and gives it a good solid base. No slippage.

I also like the weight of a wooden board–It gives me a sense of safety and stability.



Thermometers are a game changer. They take the guesswork out of cooking something properly. Most thermometers have the proper cooking temperatures on its face, or on the thermometer case. I love my digital thermometer with the probe on a wire that feeds to the temperature gauge. You can set it for any temperature, and it has an alarm so you can go about doing other things while waiting for your roast, steak or chicken to cook.



You thought I had a problem with collecting tongs?? I love knives!! I consider them works of art. Each one has a different finish, weight and balance. I believe a good chef only needs one good knife to do anything and everything, but they’re just so cool. I can’t help myself, and it’s kind of fun to choose a knife according to your mood. Cooking is fun, so why not have fun with your tools too.



I can’t stress enough how important it is to have good cookware. I know it’s expensive, but it really does make a huge difference in how the pots and pans distribute heat evenly, and maintain their heat. They will also last a lot longer than cheaper cookware. Good cookware will last for 15 to 20 years. My favorite cookware is La Crueset, All Clad and Calphalon.


You don’t have to buy a set all at once either. Keep your eye out for sales, and find outlet stores. Keep your cheaper set while you slowly replace them with the good stuff.


Go to yard sales and estate sales to look for kitchen goodies. I found this 11-piece set of Descoware cookware for $65 bucks. This is a great set made in Belgium. They’re cast iron, enamel-coated pots and pans. They heat and hold heat beautifully, and I think they look pretty cool.

What are your favorite kitchen tools you use for cooking?


Gourmet Dad
  • Rudy Alapag

    i would need to get all those pots and etc. i think i need to save for everything i need to cook when its time for me to use both the stoves and the oven,

  • Rudy Alapag

    i would need to get all those pots and etc. i think i need to save for everything i need to cook when its time for me to use both the stoves and the oven.

  • Kathleen O

    I use plastic cutting boards and I have great pots, knives, and thermometers. Unfortunately, my hands are quite arthritic (it hurts just to wash them) and so I have difficulty with heavy pans and chopping. I’m still trying though and a food processer is now my best friend.
    This week I’m on Vancouver Island (Campbell River – gorgeous) visiting family. While everyone’s at work and school, I have made a chicken soup, baked some chicken breasts for lunches, and will be making banana bread shortly. I just have to clean up the kitchen first!

  • Trudi Jespersen

    My husband gave me an awesome new knife for my birthday. It is the perfect size and weight for me. he he…I know it wasn’t cheap but very much worth the investment. LOVE it!

  • Hangtown_girl

    My Kitchenaid stand mixer..okay, I use that mostly for making cookies, but my husband and two teenage sons love them!

    Good quality cookie sheets,pots and pans