5 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes For The Season

If you’re carving jack-o-lanterns, be sure to save the seeds and the pumpkin. Pretty much everything except the pulp and the stem is edible (if anyone figures out a way to eat those, let me know). Once Halloween is over, make your own pumpkin puree, then go to town making pumpkin recipes with these five dishes:

Southwestern Pumpkin Burgers

This is a great weeknight meal and a good way to get your kids to eat their veggies. Served in tortillas, these make a healthy, delicious dinner for the whole family.


Get the recipe for Southwestern Pumpkin Burgers.

Butternut Squash and Pepita Dressing

Put your pumpkin seeds to use in this delicious twist on traditional Thanksgiving stuffing (dressing if you’re from the South). Hey, it’s never too early to start testing Thanksgiving recipes on your family!


Get the recipe for Butternut Squash and Pepita Dressing.

Roasted Pumpkin Apple Soup

Hopefully the weather in LA will cool off so I can start making soups and stews. This soup combines two great fall ingredients to make one savory dish. It’s a great way to get your kids to eat fruits and veggies all in one meal.

it4eZ90nTGH2Y0EexreFeEuI.jpeg:Amazon:photoGet the recipe for Pumpkin Apple Soup.

Maple Pumpkin Custards With Crystallized Ginger

This is an elegant dessert to serve at a dinner party, or you can make it as a special after-school treat for your kids.


Get the recipe for Maple Pumpkin Custards With Crystallized Ginger

Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake

This cheesecake is packed with all the flavors of fall. You can also make mini-versions of this recipe and serve as a party snack or kid-sized dessert.


Get the recipe for Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake


What’s your favorite pumpkin dish?

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Gourmet Dad
  • Darren

    Yummo! Can’t wait to try the dressing and the soup. We made pumpkin chili the other day that was SUPER tasty! It was pretty much our favorite chili recipe with a can of pumpkin. It made it richer/creamier. Definitely give it a try! Thanks for sharing.

  • Susan Morris

    Frankenstorms a blowin’ in, so I’m making this comment before the power goes away!
    I LOVE pumpkin ravioli and recently tried pasta with a pumpkin sauce instead of alfredo. I’m dying to try some of the recipes. I will look at them and make any adjustments to make them vegetarian and maybe comment after I’ve made them. They sound SO good!

  • Dolphingirl

    You should try making a vegetarian vegetable squash soup. I just made one and it was awesome!!! No cream just water and the squash will naturally thinken the soup. Add whatever veggies you like (I used carrot, onion and celery).

  • Islandlady

    Whisky pumpkin pie. My mom made it one year and I’ve looked at pumpkin pie the same way. Just made it for a friends thanksgiving party and everyone loved it. I also love just plain roasted pumpkin or roasting it and making soup.

  • Mrs K13

    I LOVE pumpkin smoothies!