Three of My Favorite Chefs

Every chef has a list of influences. I could go on and on about my culinary heroes, but here are three creative chefs who stand out to me:

Jaime Oliver

This guy is amazing, not just because he’s a great chef, but because he really cares about bringing artisanal food to underprivileged kids and families. He has leveraged his celebrity as a chef to make a difference in communities who really need it, and he’s still finding time to create killer new recipes! Check out Jaime’s new book Great Britain: 130 of My Favorite British Recipes, From Comfort Food to New Classics.

Bryan and Michael Voltaggio

These guys are badasses! They became stars on “Top Chef” but their skill and innovation in the kitchen has kept them in the spotlight.  As different as their personalities are, they’re equally talented chefs. Check out Bryan’s menu at Volt in Maryland and Michael’s menu at Ink in LA.

Who is one of your favorite chefs?


Photo credit: Kim Myung/PA, Volt, Trae Patton/Bravo 

Gourmet Dad
  • Dolphingirl

    My top chef is Michael Smith. He’s a Canadian chef from the maritimes and I’ve been watching his shows and learning so much from him. He teaches you to cook without a recipe. I’m just learning to cook so the recipe is always there as a guide but I add my own touches or substitutions. When you are kosher there are always changes needed to most recipes I see on TV.

  • Kathleen O

    I too love Chef Michael Smith as well as Chef Lynn Crawford, both Canadians. I can’t attest to any Americans since I haven’t been to any posh American restaurants but I think I would like Mario Battali’s food (who doesn’t love Italian!).

  • Jen Whiskeyman

    I live in MD and have heard so many wonderful things about Volt. I am the beer manager at a liquor store and recently Bryan Voltaggio teamed with Flying Dog Brewing Company (of MD) to make Backyard Ale, a smoked ale to be paired with any kind of meat – bbq’d preferably. Did you have a chance to try it? I also just read in the recent Share Our Strength newsletter that Volt is hosting an event to benefit the charity and will host several guest chefs, including Michael Voltaggio. The event looks pretty amazing!

    Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is one of my favorite go to cookbooks. He has really made great strides in his efforts to change school lunches, and educate people about food choices. He rocks, frankly.

    If you are able, let me know if you had a chance to try that beer!


  • JT

    I agree also I love Jamie Oliver I like the idea he cooks without measurement and gets in there with his bare hands also and I loooooooove Kylie Kwong…I love all Asian foods..Chinese,Thai,Vietnamese and Japanese….we are so lucky in Australian we are so multicultural you can try just about anything and not leave this country :-)….

    Bon appetit From Down Under
    JT :-)