Think Outside the Brown Bag

Bento boxes are the new brown bags. These Japanese-inspired lunchboxes are perfect for separating snacks from sandwiches and sauces or leftovers, and whatever else you want to pack in your kids’ lunches. Here three more ideas for making your kids’ lunch the coolest one on the playground:


Cookie cutters are your new best friend. Pick out some cool ones with your kids, and use them on everything from bread to tortillas (Micky Mouse shaped quesadillas!), cheese slices, fruit roll ups, cucumber slices to duh, cookies.

Compartmentalize. Since you’re already obsessed with bento boxes, go even further and and use cupcake wrappers to separate snacks within each compartment of your bento box. These kid-friendly snack markers are great for spearing pieces of fruit or other bite sized snacks.

Color is King. The more colorful your bento box, the healthier and more appealing to the eye…and the belly! Be sure to include lots of seasonal fruits and veggies, along with the more savory lunch components, like hummus, wraps, or lunchable-style sandwich makings.

What do you pack in your kids’ lunches?



Photo credit: Top-Firepile, Left-Gamene, Right-Firepile

Gourmet Dad
  • Mrs. C

    I’m sharing this with my son-in-law to use for my grandkids lunch boxes. I know my grandkids will have fun with it!

  • summer

    If you’re looking for a fun and colorful bento box, check us out at: We’d love to get you some samples to check out! Let us know if you’re interested:

  • Dolores Mitchell

    Dean u gotta hlp me! Love this idea about the Bento box. However I have a 5 yr old who is Autistic n a very picky eater!!! Any suggestions? I’m running out of things to mke for him n I hate making the same thing every other day for him. Poor thing! Help!!!

  • summer

    Hey, Dolores-

    I’m not Dean but I do work for Laptop Lunches and we happen to have a full library of great meal ideas on our website as well as an entire section dedicated to ideas for getting picky eaters more excited about meal time. I hope you’ll check it out: and get some inspiration!

  • voodoo

    wow. this is one to try on the grandkids. mine are 6, 5, 3 & 1, so they are fussy little souls. Thanks.

  • Kimberleyd7

    Love, love, LOVE the lunch ideas. Always trying to come up with ways to make lunch more fun and healthy for the little ones. Thanks so much for the ideas.