Liam’s Home Video All About Finn

From changing diapers to looking forward to teaching Finn how to play soccer, Liam’s got the big brother role wrapped up. But don’t take it from me – here’s what my son says on the subject:

I’m such a proud dad! Be sure to check back later this week for my Diaper Dude Bag and Daddy Swag giveaway.

What makes you proud of your kids?



  • Liz

    Good job Liam! You have raised the bar on being an awesome big brother! =)

  • Kelectrolux

    I loved watching Liam. He is such a great kid. I’m proud of my son because even tho his childhood was kinda tough (I was a drunk till he was 9) he is doing so well for himself. Great job, great attitude, just a great guy. He’s older now and I wish that he’d give me a grandchild or two but I have a granddogther and a dogson.

    Keep up the great work with your kids and your blog. I love it.

  • Doreen Porzio

    Liam is just toooo cute in this video!! I’m so happy that he is thrilled about his role as ” The Big Brother.” He sure has it under control with that knuckle sandwich, if someone dares to bother any of his younger siblings!! I can’t believe he changes Finn’s diapers, that is so cool!! He is looking forward to when Finn gets older so he can play different sports with him! You can see how excited he is!! Liam is a wonderful Big Brother & I am so very Proud of Him!! He simply Amazes me!! He is an Awesome Dude!! Lol! Great Job Liam!

    Well you asked what makes me proud of my kids, I have 1 daughter who was adopted 3 days old! She was my precious Angel from the day she was handed to me in my arms! I love her sooo much!…. I am proud of her for many reasons! She is a very intelligent girl that I have watched blossom into a beautiful young lady! She will be completing her bachelors degree with two majors, political science & Art History. This will be in May, I say to myself, where did the time go??…. She has traveled around the world….. The important thing is that, Fate teaches us that all things happen for a reason! I am very Proud of her, not for what she has Achieved in Life, but for who she is Inside!…..

  • Sharon

    So cute!! My daughter is the same age as Liam and I love asking her questions on video..they say the cutest things!!! CONGRATS on your new little one!!! You guys are an adorable family. When is the show coming back on?? Love you guys!

  • mpmissey

    WAY TO GO BIG BRO!, Im proud of my 9 yearold son for being the man of our house, since his father left 2 years ago, he always help his little brother with reading and homework, his little brother has autisum and he himself suffers with post dramatic stress disorder and ADD. He’s my strong little man.