• Val

    Hi Dean : ) That was so fricking adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  • sal

    i think she is saying she loves to be a big sister!

  • Debb-

    Wow! She looks just like Tori!

  • Jennifer Borden

    So adorable! Hattie looks just like Tori and Stella like you, Dean!

  • Jennifer

    Hi, Daddy Pock me up & get me out of this thing. Also she is in a happy place today.

  • Kimberleyd7

    They are absolutely adorable!! You guys make very cute babies. Love her baby talk…so cute! She definately has something to say.


    OMG shes adorable. She looks like Tori. Soooooo cute.Ok so 2out of 4 look like TOri and Stella is you Dean (really cute) now we have to see who Finn is gonna end up looking like. I think Hatties smile alone meant she was saying “I Love you Daddy” and that she is a very happy baby.. Baby talk is the cutest thing ever. xoxoxoxo

  • rose white

    Adorable! Dean you and Tori are blessed! I think miss Hattie is happy and excited about baby Finn.

  • friendlybeetle

    aww so cute, so much work having 2 in diapers but a huge blessing at the same time<3

  • Rebecca Miller

    Finally a little MeDermott that looks like Tori! Beautiful girls!

  • Caro

    they are adorable..soo cute :)

  • G

    I am so glad that I stumbled upon you and Tori’s websites. Your kids are so sweet;) I love how Hattie is on cue with her smiling. My great grandmother was a Hattie! Enjoy the kids, they grow up fast!

  • Darren

    That’s too adorable! Love how well behaved they are! Great job dude!

  • Katherines Corner

    sweeet! you have such a lovely family. Hugs