Giveaway: Diaper Bag and Daddy Swag

Real men carry diaper bags. It’s a fact. This one from Diaper Dude isn’t messing around. I’m giving one of these babies away along with a DaddyScrubs DaddySwag gift set and more!


One badass dad will win the following:

• One Diaper Dude Convertible Bag
• DaddyScrubs – Edgy, Navy
• I’m the Daddy Tee – White Edgy
• I’m the Daddy Hat – Navy
• I’m the Daddy coffee mug
• Striped baby shirt & pants
• Lamb stuffed animal
• Baby hat
• 3 pens

Did I mention real men love stickers? There may be some of those too.

Enter for a chance to win by leaving a comment below telling me one reason why you – or your man – is cool enough to sport all these daddy goods.



*Congratulations to our winner, Carrie Allen!

  • carrie allen

    My husband Craig deserves this so much: We just found out on Sept 17th that we are expecting our 2nd child after trying for 2 years. Craig works an overnight shift as a corrections officer so he can be home for our 6 year old daughter Kailey when she gets off the bus from school. Craig takes kailey to dance/swim lessons twice a week and sits there with all the other moms with pride. In the last year+ he has worked hard to get in shape and be heatlthy for himself and our family (he had an unexpected triple bypass late 2009) we are so proud of him and he would be so proud to show off all this great stuff.


  • Kellie1977

    I am a single mom of two babies. My dad helps me raise them and take care of them. I wouldnt be able to this without him. He is their Papa but in so many ways takes on the role of a father to them. I always leave him with my girly diaper bags to use when he has them everyday while I am at work. He always asks me to please buy him a manly diaper bag! :-) He would love to have this so he can stop carrying around a pink and flowerly bag everyday!

  • Momof2boys

    My husband deserves this bag and so much more. He is such a blessing to me and my 2 sons. He works full time as a teacher and at night he is working on his PHD. Even with everything he has going on he gets up every morning and helps me get the kids ready. Once a week he also makes dinner for us because he know I hate cooking:) We are trying to have another baby and we are hoping for a girl. He would look so great with this cool dad bag and his little girl. Thank you so much Dean for reading this!!

  • peak1431

    After trying for over a year we are expecting our first baby (a boy) on New Years Day. My husband would love this bag it’s more manly than the ones I have picked out.

  • Lyndye

    This package would be soooo great for our family, we already have 2 sons that race motorcross. My youngest is 12 and on April 31st while practicing for his Loretta Lynn National Qualifier he wrecked and broke his Left Femur, Right Wrist, Nose, and various other scrapes and bruises. But he is dedicated to the sport he loves. He is already racing again even with 2 rods in his left femur, and is in the points lead in both of his 85cc classes in the Texas State Championship. So most of our time is spent either practicing or racing at the motorcross track as a family and that is a whole lot of walking and running around making sure we have everything and the bike is running properly. So it can be very hard to try and lug around a traditional diaperbag. If I won this it would be a great help in keeping the littlest one as clean and dry as possible at the motorcross track. Thank You Dean for all the Daddy Support,

  • Teris

    My husband definately has daddy swag :) He coaches little league baseball in the spring- goes to all our highschool alum football games in the fall— all while taking our son with him :) He is such a good daddy that doesn’t mind carrying the glitzy diaper bags – I think he deserves a manly one by now!!!! And he would so rock the shirts!! Daddy Drew needs this to add to his daddy swag!

  • tre

    My husband and I are expecting TWINS! in a few short months. We have a son who is just a few weeks younger than Liam, and my husband has always been a ‘hands-on’ dad to him. Now, with the twins coming, my man is going to be the poster child of a “diaper dude”. With twins, there is no just “helping” on the dad’s part. So, he needs to look stylish sporting his man gear, and showing those around him what it means to be a real man. A man who raises his child, and not just “helps”. Plus, with is long ponytail, I don’t want anyone mistaking him for my girlfriend ;).

  • Swede426

    ok..where to start..) my son, I love him so much, Im so proud. Brandon is a single Dad of a soon to be two year old beautiful little girl, Caelyn (named after me)Adrianna. Actually her pic serves as my…forgot what you call them) on your web site. Brandon took on this responsibility when it wasn’t a planned event with a girl he barely knew, at a time he struggled to even take care of himself. As it turned out,baby needed rescued and he took over. As an insulin dependent individual and someone who lost his father to cancer as a young boy, Brandon had a rough going when he was much younger and the turn around and love he has for this little girl has simply put, turned his life around and given it meaning and purpose when he had none. He works lots of hours to provide for them both but its extremely difficult for him. I work full time and take care of baby with every open hour I have. Id love for him to have this bag and recognition ) could you? Consider this helping hand, thanks for all you do for today s Dad, you Rock!!

  • Diana Lakin

    My husband is such a trooper. We have a 10 month old daughter named Jessalyn that my husband is beyond proud of. He has never found a diaper bag for him so he totes around my pink flower diaper bag along with pushing our daughters purple and black strolled. He does her hair and dresses her up. Without a single complaint, he is so proud of his little girl, he doesn’t care to have feminine items to carry. We are expecting our second child and I am 4 1/2 months pregnant. We find out what we are having on the 1st of October and I would love give my husband a gift like this. He is such a proud daddy and I’m so proud of him.

  • BonnaWho

    My boyfriend is a big softie. He takes care of his little nieces when his brother and sister in law have date night. He reads them stories, takes them out to eat and is like a second dad to the girls

  • DHCH

    My husband is a dad of a 12 year old and we are expecting a new baby at the end of January. That being said, he’s been out of the loop of babyhood for quite a while! Some new swag would be great for him to get back into the groove!

  • TR4C33

    I am entering for my Niece & her Husband. He is such a great husband to her and father to their little girl. He works so very hard so that she can stay home with their daughter and go to school full time. They are now expecting their first little boy in November! This would be a nice little gift for him. He is a great father to their daughter, he spends time reading and playing with her as well as going on hikes together and exploring. I can only imagine how much better of a father and person he’ll be when they have their son!

  • Thomas

    I am a father of three. We have 2 boys Ryan 6 Landon 2. On August 28th we welcomed in to our family our princess Emma Read. I think I’m a cool dad because I am extremely involved in my kids lives. I coach T ball and football and take and pick the kids up from school. I can’t get enough of how they grow and learn everyday. It is a blessing to have children in your life and you should ensure you are involved and making a strong developmental impact on their futures. My wife and I love your show. She also follows your twitter pages. But we love the involvement you have with your kids and we try to emulate the bond you both have with your family. So that’s why I think I am a cool dad and would like to be able to be considered for the diaper bag. Also Emma would love it. Keep making an impact on people’s lives and doing things like this and making your TV show. Good luck and thank you for the opportunity.

  • Stina

    I am entering for my husband. We recently found out that we are expecting. I have been out of a job (and looking) for 2 years, we are losing money on our home and don’t have much in the bank. Even after all of that, my husband Nick has got to be the most excited dad to be I have ever seen! He works day and night to support both of us and keep our home. We know it will be tough, but we also know we can make it work! He is an amazing man and will be an even better daddy!

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Kaitlin Torriero

    Hi Dean, my husband would love to win this diaper dude! We are expected baby #3 this January and he used a diaper dude for #2 and is still using it 3 years later!! He deserves to be spoiled every once and a while!!
    We are both big fans of you & tori!!

  • Bunches

    The word “Dad” is a true gift, a blessing, and an honour. As a mother of two beautiful girls there is nothing more humble, more genuine and more loving then seeing the smile on our girls faces as they look up to and at their “Dad”. He is their world, their super hero their idol. From the first time he held them as newborns his heart melted, his eyes watered and it was true love at first sight. We are hoping to have more, and I know that “swagger” has changed so much in such little time that this gift that you are generously giving away would be very much appreciated. But the real gift is that my two girls have an amazing dad who lights up their world everyday. Congratulations to all the amazing dad’s, it truly is an amazing honor.

  • Candace Wilhite

    I would love to win this for a friend. The guys (my husband and our friend) will be coming home for a deployment soon. Our friend will be meeting his new baby girl that was born 7 weeks early while he was deployed. He has only seen pictures of her and this would be a great gift for a daddy who is meeting his daughter for the very first time. It will be a very exciting time. He has already admitted that he will most likely cry when he sees and holds her for the first time. She will be almost 4 months old.

  • Jenny

    I’m doing this for my husband. He works close to 2 hours away from where we live. He works hard everyday and comes home to pick up the kids aged 5 years and 4 months. He manages to balance his work and the life at home to help around. Our 4 month old sometimes will get up several times overnight and my husband will jump in to help. He even cooks (like you!)because I don’t get home until around 6-6:30pm. He’s a great cooker and the best dad to our kids. I can’t ask for a better husband…ever. It’s hard to believe that he doesn’t have his own diaper bag!! My diaper bag is too girly for him so I know this bag will be perfect for him.

    I love your show and have watched your kids grow up. Congrats on your (late, I know) 3rd and 4th babies. I love love their names… they blend in together perfectly. I hope Tori feels better soon so she can get back to her normal routine with the family. Thank you for this great idea!!

  • Jennay

    My son Joe is a new dad and it is amazing how much he has become a totally new man. He absolutely adores him and loves his family. He is still young, 26 and really embracing this new aspect of his life! I am so proud of him.

  • Debb-

    We’ve been together a long time and all those years of him not really wan
    ting to but sitting beside me watching Beverly Hills 90210, Craft Wars, Tori and Dean and many movies Tori has been in…never complaining, even making snacks and reminding me when shows were on…he finally after all these years has admitted he really did and does enjoy every minute of it! I was so happy! Now I am expecting what will be our only child I think he deserves this gift. :)

  • BrandieAnn

    My answer is short,sweet and simple,my husband is a great daddy and daddy to be to our 3 daughters and our yet to be know baby bean.Unlike some men he stepped up and takes care of his family and makes sure we have what we need.

  • Art

    My wife and I have been trying to have another child for a while now. We have all but given up on the idea. I’d love to win this just for the “maybe” factor… maybe if we keep trying we’ll have another. Maybe we’ll be blessed as parents again to bring a new life into the world. Maybe we’ll have another member added to our family. This would give us something to hold on to – and if in time we don’t have another, I promise to pass it on to a deserving daddy to be.

  • Cris Guerra

    My husband deserves this bag because he is not embarrassed to use my purse or diaper bag. He is a great dad of our three daughters. At the time he is the only one working due to my illness and surgeries but that does not stop him from taking care of our children and myself. He doesn’t take any time for himself and he never never complains.

  • Brittany Logan

    My husband Clint is amazing! We have 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. Harvey, Ruby, Jack and Zetta, and we just found out we are expecting #5 in May!!! And who else but my husband would kiss our unborn baby goodbye every morning. He is such a loving and honoring husband and father. For years he carried around a girly diaper bag until just recently I felt bad and bought a black backpack, but he wouldn’t mind either way. He’s the first one up at 3am feedings and the first one to offer to change diapers even when he has to get up early for work…. I’m beyond blessed to have him in my life and I am thankful my boys have an honorable man to look up to. He is very deserving of this gift. He never does anything for himself and works very hard to provide a nice home and everything we need. I love you Clint!!!! Love, Your Adoring Wife

  • lisa klein

    My husband would love this! His entire outlook has changed since he has become a father. He spends everday becoming a better man so that his children can have a better life. He works a fulltime job, spends every waking moment w his daughter and son, stays up all hours of the night networking, writing and directing his own movies! He has amazed me more than I could imagine. When he is w his children nothing else matters! They light up when he gets home. There is not a thing within his power that he wouldn’t do for them. From playing w dolls, painting his toe nails, or playing cars he truly is the BEST dad! He has had so many missed opportunities in life but knows that any other path would not have brought him to this point in his life and he would have missed the greatest gifts of all!

  • sweetsidet

    Hi Dean, For my Man I think this set up is great ! My guy as you mentioned above is a “Badass” by far. He’s a Man’s Man type of guy. He seems all rough and tough but put a baby in his arms and he turns right to mush ! My Man, Bill is a Army Staff Sergent. He has been on many deployments, and his last was to Iraq. I know he would never carry around my “type” of girlie blingy diaper bag, this is just exactly what he is in need of, it will go great with his Camo ! Thanks so much for the chance to win this fabulous gift set for my Manly Man.

  • jenn

    Hi Dean! We are trying for Baby #3 and I would love this for my husband!! We are super excited for our family too grow! My husband is hands down the best father! I don’t think people realize it because they are always giving me the credit! This would be perfect for him instead of the girlie vera bradley or coach bags that I normally use!! Thanks! :0)

  • KaiRead

    My hubby needs this bag: He comes home from his full day at work and watches our son so I can do homework for my degree. He carries my diaper bag(it’s not very girlie, but I know plenty of guys who don’t carry diaper bags period.), my purse, or whatever else I need help with to make things easier on me. Even though I get up with our son at night he still gets up and runs downstairs to grab a bottle or whatever else we need. When he gets home from work for the day he takes over diaper duty. At one point he was working three jobs so I can stay home with our babies until they’re old enough for school. He sold his video game & console and this guitar & amp to buy baby gear, clothes, etc. He plays with our son everyday, reads him stories before bed, and will make a complete fool of himself in public to make him happy(one time he sang silly kid show songs the whole time he changed a poopie diaper on a public bathroom to keep our son happy). When I told him I was pregnant again when our son was only seven months old instead of panicking he took us out to celebrate. He wears the daddy shirt I got him for Father’s day as a badge of honor. Our first night home from the hospital after our son was born I came downstairs and saw him holding our sleeping newborn & crying as he promised him that he would be a good dad.

    These are just a few examples of why my hubby deserves something special. He was literally born to be a daddy.

  • eegeekwife

    My husband Scott deserves to win this bag for all he has done for and been through with me. We are expecting our first child after several years of trying and dealing with infertility. He is the most wonderful husband a girl could ever dream for. I know he would be happy to receive this gift and wear the daddy shirt with pride.

  • Karen Brown

    I would like to see my Boyfriend win this. He is a great dad. I have four kids my my oldest is a boy 13, my Son is 8 and my twins boy and girl are 5. Ellery isn’t their birth father but he is their daddy. They love him to pieces and he loves them. Before he met me all he wanted was to be a dad and he got three. His dream was to have a child of his own he was hoping a boy to carry on the Handel name but he didn’t think it would ever happen. I gave birth to our son Dylan Hunter Handel on August 27 2012 he is now 3 1/2 weeks old and the joy of our lives. Ellery is doing good for a first time daddy of a new born. We are now a complete family. All Ellery wants to do is hold him and talk to him as soon as he gets home from work and he doesn’t mind changing diapers or feeding him when i’m not nursing him that is. He will also stay up with him at night just so i cant sleep he is so wonderful. So from Richard, Jonathan, Mariah, and Austin and myself we hope the greatest dad who didn’t have to stay and be a dad to four kids that wasn’t his but stuck around and showed them true daddy’s love and from a baby boy that has the greatest daddy ever wins this to show the world what the meaning of a true dad. Thank you Karen and kids.

  • Novemberschild

    Oh my! How great would this be for my husband?! Dont’ get me wrong! I always got a kick out of watching him carry around my PINK… I mean, masculine salmon (LOL) petunia picklebottom bag with our daughter, but this time around it would be fantastic to have something just for him. I’m sure he would be VERY appreciative to have a Diaper Dude and would be proud to wear Daddy Swag!

    Cheers! :)

  • Jennifer Grant

    I would LOVE to be able to win this for my boyfriend. We are expecting January 2 and he has felt so left out. I already have 2 kiddos but this will be his 1st. He somehow always seems to miss out on feeling the baby move. Each time the baby starts bouncing around he is at work or the second he puts his hand on my tummy the baby stops! This would be a great gift for him being a first time Daddy! Also we BOTH love watching you and Tori and your continuously growing family. You are both a great inspiration to us to be great parents and wish you all the best!

  • Jenn Henshall

    Hi Dean!

    After seeing the “I’m the Daddy” t-shirt, I know that my husband is definitely cool enough to sport these rockin’ daddy duds. Our journey to parenthood wasn’t an easy one — after two losses (one at over 19 weeks gestation), we finally welcomed our first living child into the world nearly two years later. Soon after becoming a daddy, my husband began referring to himself as “The Big Dadinski.” (He’s well-known for coming up with nicknames for our family members and friends.) So, I couldn’t help but have a t-shirt with his new nickname made for him the following Christmas. Since that day, he has worn it proudly (picture is in my bio!). My husband was always meant to be a father. He loves his daughters (we welcomed our second daughter into our family almost seven months ago) more than anything and I know would be proud to sport even more daddy-bragging-rights apparel. Besides, I can’t expect him to carry around my Vera Bradley diaper bag forever, right? Although we are talking about a man who did dress up as a pirate as part of our couple’s costume the halloween of our senior year of college…

    Just another example of why my husband would be the perfect recipient of this fabulous give-away.

    Thank you,
    Jenn, Clara and Elyse

  • Jessica Holland87

    Dear Dean, my husband would be the most perfect candidate for this! My husband is the most caring, loving and kind father to our 5 year old daughter!!! I would like to tell you the story of The kind of father that my husband didn’t have to be. We adopted our 5 year old daughter in 2009 when my husband was only 23 and I was 22 she was 2 years old at the time but we have raised her since she was six months old! She was my husband’s sisters ex husband’s daughter with another women. I do child are at my home and he asked me to watch her while he went to work because the biolagical mother didn’t want her from the beginging, so I said yes I would love to watch her at the time she was only six months old! Well there were times where the biological father would never come get her he would leave her with us for weeks at a time and never even call. So one day he came to us and asked us if we could care for her while he got back on his feet well of coarse my husband and I said yes because we loved her and we wanted children of our own we were just waiting for the right time to start our family because for one we were young at the time and we had just gotten married in 2008 and just bought our first house all in the same year. So my daughters biological father came back to us in December of 2008 and asked us to Adopted her because he just couldn’t do it. Well my husband didn’t even think twice he immediatley said yes and we scrapped up all the money we had and found an adoption lawer and started the process! She was fully ours on October 30th of 2009 and our world would never be the same without her she is the love of our lives!!! Everyday for the last 5 years he has went to work while I stay home and care for her and other children he is a very hard working man and he loves his daughter and me more than anything in this world!! We just found out that I am Pregnant with our second child and he is so excited!! He now will be the father of two! He goes out of his way to help others and i am a very proud wife of a very giving husband!!! We just love you guys and yalls show!! Love Always,
    Jonathan, Jessica, Jayden and baby Holland!

  • Maddy’s Mommy

    I would love to win this for my fianc

  • Theresa C

    I would love to win this for my fabulous hubby.I think he’s pretty tired of carrying around my girlie Petunia pickle bottom diaper bag.He’s such a great father and we just brought home our gorgeous baby boy,Landon 4 weeks ago from the hospital.He really does need some cool daddy gear that is more masculine.He is such a hands on dad and winning this stuff for him would be awesome!!

  • Mrs. C

    I want this for my step-son. He & his wife are bringing us another grandson, YAY! Is there a greater reason than that to deserve this… Truth-be-told I look most forward to him wearing that awesome shirt!

  • Jennifer Crewell

    i think my husband is way cool enough to rock this stuff! :-) Right now we have a two year old girl and a baby boy due in a few weeks so this would be perfect. My husband is an awesome guy, a military veteran, recent college graduate, a great daddy, an awesome husband 98% of the time :-)… and he is sizzling hot! It would be super fabulous, to shower him for the arrival of our baby boy, he is such a hard worker and great man, he DESERVES this!

  • Carri Rowan

    My husband has been carrying around the same girlie diaper bag for me for almost 7 years. We live in Central Fl and he works at Disney. We’re in the parks all the time! He has never complained about carrying the kid’s stuff in floral print haha!! I think he deserves to have a manly diaper bag in one of the most public places on earth.

  • Marystar

    I have 3 sons and 2 of them are great daddys and now my youngest son is going to be a daddy. This bag is sooo him he is all about looking cool and this is just the perfect bag for him. My sons are great hands on dads just like their dad. I really can see him sporting it with pride because it is a perfect daddy bag. all 3 of my sons would love this bag it is sooo perfect for daddys. it would be awesome to win it for my youngest son he is gona be a 1st time daddy. and he can see your just like everyone else “Cool”

  • Laura Hooper

    My husband has a mohawk and is a Chicago Police Officer. His style is very important to him and he has managed to circumvent CPD dress policy because he is such a hard worker. This summer, Chicago managed to claim the title of most dangerous city in the world and my husband is out there doing his best Mad Max to keep people safe and come home each morning to his family. He works the midnight shift and gets only a few hours of sleep everyday so that he can spend most of it with our children. He is a wonderful father and also has badass style. I think that the diaper bag would be a great gift for him and a vast improvement over the mommy bag he nearly manages to pull off.

  • ewilson

    My man is so cool…he caught two sharks while fishing this week on the ocean! He is one bad a** dad! He also got coffee from bad a** coffee co before he got on the boat (no joke!). We think everything he does makes him the coolest dad on the planet.

  • Bri

    I would love this for my husband because he is the most fun loving daddy there is! He works hard and does everything he can for our family. He has never won any kind of contest before so I know this would be greatly appreciated by him and myself as well. Thank you for the chance to win.


  • Maria Juarez

    Hey, Dean. You should choose my husband David to win the Daddy Swag because I am a huge Tori & Dean fan. And I used to force him to watch your shows, but now he proudly proclaims his love for Tori & Dean. Also, my husband thinks I’m the Latin-version of Tori and aspires to be the Latin-Dean. We are newlyweds, married 3/17/2012, and David & I have 2 amazing daughters from his previous marriage. I don’t have any biological babies, yet, but David and I will begin IVF soon, as we are fertility-challenged. David is an amazing Dad and would relish and use this Daddy Swag. Plus, he would think he was SUPER-COOL because Dean gave it to him.

  • Sarah Mills

    I can sit and tell you how amazing, cool, and what an awesome father my husband is and of course it would all be true, but let’s be honest they’re are a lot of amazing and cool daddy’s out there. Each has their own unique qualities. My husband and I are very much like you and Tori, we pride ourselves in being a very close nit family and doing things together, cherishing quality time spent together. We are a large blended family of soon to be 7. My husband having 4 from a previous and me one. We have a 2 yr old son with disabilities together and a new bundle of joy coming in March :) My husband is amazing with all of our children and if your were to ask our kids they would say he is one pretty cool dad! We would love for him to win the diaper bag and Daddy swag…of course I don’t know if he could get any cooler than he already is ;)

  • CrossStar

    Being a real dad means loving your family unconditionally and putting them before yourself. I love my 2 little girls and would do anything for them! I was even a stay-at-home dad for most of the first 18 months of our 1st kid.

    Real men do the diapers. They wake up in the middle of the night to make a bottle. Real men “wear” babies and love on their kids! Real men can play girly things and carry a girly diaper bag.

    We’ve been through a lot up front with our first and surgeries and stuff, but that is situational. Not everyone has to deal with babies having brain surgery. So that’s not a qualifier for me.

    The real deal is being a dad when the stress is on, when you really want to do something else, anything else other than change the diaper. The real dad helps his wife who kept having to get up in the middle of the might to nurse their baby. The real dad gives up his single-life ambitions to keep a good job for his family. The real dad is a servant-leader. That is the example I seek to follow…

  • Keont

    Nothing is hotter than seeing a father with his child(ren). The cool gear would be the icing on the cake. I would never want to punish Daddy by making him carry a damask covered diaper bag. However, my man is so cool, he would. Luckily, products like these means he doesn’t have too.

  • sandro619

    love to win. we are expecting baby #1 in february and i know this set will totally win my husband over and really feel like a part of the birth experience. thanks so much! :))

  • Crypticsassy

    I think my hubby should win . He is going back to school full time and working. We have two babies one is 17 months the other is 4 months. He works really hard for us and he deserves a sweet looking diaper bag!

  • Summer Cornish

    A year ago this weekend, my husband saved our 3 year old son’s life when he was choking on a hotdog by giving him CPR for nearly hour while we waited for help to arrive. It was a very close call but, thanks to my husband, our son pulled through and is now healthy and happy and very excited to become a big brother in March. This year has been full of both gratitude and anxiety and the decision to have another child was put on hold while a lot of healing was done in our family. Now at the 1 year anniversary, we’re stronger and happier than ever and we’re all looking forward to meeting the newest member of our family. The icing on the cake might just be a little daddy swag!

  • Mom of 5 little girls

    I am submitting my husband for this cause he is an awesome dad even after everything he has been through. He is a recently medically retired veteran who has gone through hell and back just to find a diagnosis of what illness he got in Iraq. After months of failure they finally diagnosed him neuro cardio genic syncope, clinically mutated foot, broken back, ptsd., anxiety disorder, amongst a slew of other things. We just recently had our 5th baby girl who was born 2months early and spent a little over a month in phx children’s hospital NICU . Ever since she came home he taken the night shifts just about every night despite his own pain. Just so i can get some sleep to get up with our other girls for school! He has been down on himself cause he can’t do everything he was able to with our other girls. For instance he can’t walk around and hold the baby, to soothe her. He is in a wheelchair most of the time and we finally got a power assisted one so i don’t have to push him. His whole time during his military career he has done everything for his family. And still to this day he tries his damndest to do what he can even on days he cant get out of bed from the pain. He is one of the greatest dads of all time! Thank you and i hope you pick my husband Lucas!

  • Maty

    Why should my husband win this contest?
    First of all, because he stays at home with our beautiful eighteen months old baby girl Alexie while I am at school trying to get my degree. He is the best baby-sitter I’ve ever had. Also, I believe that working from home with a baby on your lap isn’t the easiest thing to do. So, I would love to thank him to do that for me.
    Also, seeing him picking me up from school is always a treat because there is nothing funnier than seeing him carry my brown and green very flowery diaper bag that my mom gave me for my first mother’s day. It is good for me but not for him, he clearly deserves better. That is why, I am submitting my husband to win this diaper bag because it would probably motivate him to change more diapers! Also, I have a question for you, is there really no diaper changing station in the men restrooms?
    I really hope that you’ll chose my husband for this diaper bag because he really deserves it! :)
    Have a great day and thank you for even giving us a chance to win!

  • Pam H

    My husband is a stay-at-home dad to our two sons, one almost 3 and one 5 weeks. He does such a wonderful job with them and is always looking for the perfect “manly” diaper bag. He’s also a chef and fantastic gardener, growing many of our herbs, plants and veggies. I can’t say enough good things!!

  • Sherri Bayley

    My son in law could really use this. With dirt bike racing church activities and going to the park with the children. This would help so much. Thanks for the chance.

  • TonyaGMcNic

    I would love to win this diaper bag for my husband!
    He deserves it he works hard for our family, we became parents for the first time 3 months ago. And it’s been such a joy. Daddy gets up in the middle of the night to feed baby, makes it to all of baby’s appointmentsand so much more… baby lights right up when daddy gets home from work it’s so adorable!
    Fr: proud wife & Mommy

  • Yumiko G

    I just came to see if you updated about Teri… My hearts goes on to you and your family… Well always not good at these give away thing.. So i was sure to stay away but well i will give it try… My husband carry whatever bag i carry for me. He is a wonderful husband and dad. I usually use an orange backpack which it’s ok for man to carry and I have a girly diaper bag.. He even ask me if he can carry it for me when we are out.. My oldest is potty train process and I have a 4 months old son. We have quit a lot to carry.. I’m sure he will love to have own guys diaper bag…

  • kim

    I have a son-in-law that is a very hard working Marine done his 4 over sea duty’s and is doing his part now He is in charge of training potential marine officers..He teaches them tactics and how to be a Great Officers In The US Marine Corps In Quantico Va ..His other full time job he is a daddy to my 2 week old Grand daughter miss Paisley Greer His first child ..I’m sure he will carrier a girly diaper bag But he is a US Marine needs his Daddy Diaper Bag and Daddy Swag Thanks so much I’m one proud mimzy

  • Dee

    My husband definitely deserves this bag. We are currently expecting our fourth child after 6 years, we are so excited. He is the most wonderful man I could have ever asked for. He recently fell and fractured his wrist and even this has not stopped him from helping me (pregnancy has not been easy for me this time around) in all he can even though he is constant pain. I would love to have the opportunity to give this to him so that he can be proud to rock his own diaper bag without having people giggle at a girly one I have since we are having a girl. Thanks.

  • Brian

    I think I could use this bag and swag. I never thought I was going to be a human daddy as I was just a dog daddy for the past 14 years. We were almost married 12 years when we found out my wife was pregnant, and it was a real surprise! those that know me never thought they would see me changing diapers and getting elbow deep in poop, but I LOVE IT!!! My wife has her Burberry bag and deserves it for all she went through, but now dad needs his own gear!
    My little big man is already the size of a 1 year old at 6 months. I want to bring him to the MotoGP races next year so he can hopefully meet you!
    We are both big race fans, we are married to gorgeous women and could be twins practically! (except I’m a lot shorter, and have a lot less hair, and my tattoo doesn’t go down to the forearm quite yet) but otherwise we match…
    Being a daddy for my little guy has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my first 42 years of life. my 1 day old son was my birthday present this year. please consider me! thanks!

  • The DeEsch Family

    My husband would sport and rock ALL of these goodies, and I know that because he wears ALL THINGS DAD with pride! :) I’m not kidding, he loves “Dad Gear” in a way I never thought possible. If he is pumping gas and sees a “Dad Magnet” in the window, he’s in there buying it for himself! He is seriously the world’s best dad, and I’m lucky to have him for a husband, and my kids are even luckier to have him as a father!

  • Anna

    This would be so great! We have a 5 year old boy who just started kindergarten and a baby girl who just turn one. Now we have baby #3 on the way! Not sure if we are going to find out what we are having but this would be so nice for my husband. He can tote the baby diapers around when we go out, which I know he wouldnt have a problem with if he was carrying that!

  • Pam

    I am laughing thinking of all the men carrying diaper bags that were really decorated for the baby. Most were not uncomfortable but this is a great idea.