DIY Dad: Something For Everyone

I love just about any DIY project. I’ve built decks, chicken coops, haunted houses, Ghostbusters proton packs…I love it all. The only things I don’t do are projects that call for plumbing or electrical.


That said, here are five DIY projects that’ll make you a handy hero around the house:

1.    For young kids: DIY play kitchen.
2.    For the whole family: DIY smoker.
3.    For older kids: DIY Tree house
4.    For the family pet: DIY Dog house
5.    For your friends and neighbors: DIY Tiki Bar

What’s the latest DIY project you’ve done?



Photo credits L to R: numinosity, cogdogblog, dannysullivan,,

  • Dads In The Game

    Thanks for the tips! My kids would LOVE a tree house!