An Open Letter To My Newborn Son, Finn

Yesterday afternoon, Tori gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Finn.  Welcoming a new life into this world is a big deal and so the night before our baby came, I decided to write a letter welcoming him to our family and expressing how much I love, and will love, him for life.


An Open Letter To My New Baby,

Well it’s the night before your entrance into this crazy, whacky, amazing world full of joy, good times, bad times, love, loss, friends and foes – and that’s just your brothers and sisters! They’re always full of love, laughter and energy. Quite frankly they’re absolutely bonkers too, but you’re going to love them. Mom and Dad are a bit kooky too – that’s just how we roll. Not to worry though, we’ll grow on you after a while. So strap on your onesie, because it’s going to be a wild ride.

I’ve watched you grow in your mom’s belly for the last 37 weeks. You started off as just a little tiny bump, and now you’re this incredible little being that I see move and kick and literally sit up in mama’s belly. I wonder what you’re going to look like, what your little voice is going to sound like, what kind of personality are you going to have. Will you be the sensitive one?  The rocket scientist?  The athlete? The president? Most of all, I’m wondering what flavor you are – if you’re a boy or a girl?  Like your sister Hattie we decided we wanted to be surprised (again) as to what sex you’re going to be. It was the most amazing surprise, when Dr. Jason held up your sister and declared, “It’s a girl!” I mean, when will you ever experience a surprise of that magnitude ever again? Well . . . tomorrow to be exact, and I can’t wait to see you, and hold you, and tell you I love you. I can’t wait to snuggle and take naps with you. I can’t wait to tell you that I will protect you and care for you every minute of every day. For the rest of your life.

I can’t wait to encourage you, and tell you that you’re the most amazing person in the world, and that you can do anything or be anything you want to be. I’ll be there for your first tears, your first bump and bruise. I’ll be there for your first steps, your first words, and your first day at school. I’ll be there for your first broken heart, your first award, your first car, I’ll be there for your wedding day, and I’ll be there for your firstborn.

I’ll be there first. For you.  With all my love and devotion, I will fight tooth and nail to give you the wonderful life you deserve. Because you have made my life wonderful beyond my dreams by being my child, a little angel that has found your mother and I and blessed our lives with beauty and grace. I will give you my last breath, as you have given me my first.

I love you. See you soon.

Dad oxoxo


  • MN Badger

    Congratulations McDermott family! Well written, heartfelt letter Dean. Your new baby sure picked an awesome family for sure to get to try on this costume for this experience! Have fun. I remember when my first born was going to be coaxed by inducement the next morning, thinkin the same thoughts as you. I looked at the dog sleeping on the floor and smiled and said, “you have no clue how your life is going to change”. I was of course commenting about how my, and my wife’s lives were about to change.

  • Dolphingirl

    Congratulations to all of you. That letter was so beautiful. Your kids are so lucky to have to awesome parents like you and Tori.

  • Helen John Photography

    CONGRATS to you guys!!! two boys and two girls, how perfect!!!! enjoy him =)

  • jennifer thuncher

    Congratulations. So many people seem to forget that you have a fifth wonderful child so I feel I should say Congrats to Jack on new his little brother too! You guys are definitely going to have some fun, crazy and hectic moments but you have a great attitude about it so you will be fine! All the best.

  • Misty

    Congratulations!! What a great letter it made me cry it was so heartfelt and Amazing! Your kids are so lucky and I love your family and am so thankful to be able to watch your famiy on tv an get to know you guys that way you are wonderful people and I hope one day to actually get to meet you guys!!

  • Sue Grayson

    Congratulations! What a beautiful letter! Your letter is touch my heart. I am sure that your son, Finn will love this when he read this when he grows up. You are an amazing father!

  • ErinK

    What a great idea! Your son Finn will cherish it.

  • Darren

    What an amazing letter man! So touching. I hope when I have kids that I’m even half the Dad you are. Thanks for sharing!

  • Barb Turcotte

    Such an amazing letter. So wonderful to see a man pour out his heart and not be scared to do so! We are thrilled for your whole family and congrats on another boy! Hope Tori is feeling okay. Look forward to some pictures too! Take care and hugz to you all from way up here!

  • BrandiM

    Dean – This is an amazing letter. So nice to see a soft soft to a man. You truly are a wonderful husband and father. Tori, Liam, Stella, Hattie and now Finn are so lucky to have you in their lives and vice versa. Looking forward to more updates and pictures. Take care and lots of love to all!

  • Jenn @ I Am Not Superwoman

    What an absolutly beautiful letter. I started crying half way down the page. Sounds like you have your priorities straight. Best wishes with your beautiful family as you embark on the next adventure.

  • Zombie Girl

    Congratulations!! Very sweet letter!! ♥

  • Carolynmarilyn

    wow, what a touching letter, I wish you, Tori and your beautiful family all the love in the world!

  • Valerie Pioch

    How lucky your son is to have you as a father – I wish you and Tori all the best – congratulations and I am happy to see that there is another man out there who is sensitive and caring and not afraid to show the gentile side of himself. Good luck with your newborn and all your children – what an amazing family you have!

  • voodoo

    congatulations Dean, Tori and family. so happy to see someone else believes in the joy of the surprise of not knowing. what a beautiful letter and heartfelt welcome. May Finn have a long life blessed with love. Sheridan.

  • BAS11530

    Congratulations Tori and Dean. I had been hoping you’d have a little boy, and my wish came true. You are a beautiful, loving family, and I wish Finn and all of you the very best. I hope that we’ll see more of you again soon on tv – I love seeing how Liam, Stella, and Hattie are growing up.

  • Lesley Court

    Get a life….

  • Lisa Broadley

    That is an amazing letter!! Finn is so lucky to have a dad like you (Liam, Stella & Hattie too!

  • Hope Gainey

    Dean you are just too cute and too sweet. Tori and your beautiful family are so lucky to have you. Enjoy the time you have because as a young widow with children you never know what minute can be the last. Congratulations to all of you!! <3

  • gynyjo

    Congratulations Dermott Family!! I am very happy for you and for tori.
    Hope you guys are on tv again soon.
    Congrats to your family now you have 4, 2 of each so lucky!!
    I send all the love and best wishes.
    Beaucoup d’amour et de sommeil.
    Dans l’attente de vous revoir, je vous envoi de France toutes mes voeux de bonheur.

  • Jennk

    Beautiful letter. Congratulations on your new baby boy. So happy for you all. What a tremendous blessing!

    Jennifer…mom of 5

  • happy

    congrats to the Family!! Thanks Tori for the JCP
    Clothesline xoxo

  • Cd Gardner


  • Swede426

    OH BOY!!!!! Congrats to everyone! How PERFECT!! Enjoy!! ) KISS KISS

    Lynn…Nana & Caelyn…

  • Al

    Congratulations Dean & Tori. That is the best welcome to the world letter. Your family is very blessed to have you. Every one should be so lucky to have such a loving Father/Spouse.

  • Vicki Carbone

    Congratulations Dean and Tori. This letter is so beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Best of luck with your new bundle of joy. God bless you and your family.

  • Thelma B.

    Congratulations Dean and Tori!!! I really enjoyed your letter to your new baby Finn. It was beautiful and one day when he’s old enough to read it I’m sure it will bring tears to his eyes as it has done to so many of us. Good luck with your newborn and cherish every moment with all your children because before you know it they will be all grown up and out of the house. It just goes by so fast. I know this first hand both my children are grown with children of their own and even though I love my Grandchildren I sometimes wish my two kids were still babies again. God Bless you and your whole family!

  • Mel

    That was absolutely beautiful