The Gourmet Dad’s Gummy Bear Salad


This is a great way to get your kids eating their greens, and they’ll have fun helping you make it. Here’s what to do:


1 Handful of gummy bears (about 30 gummies)
1 Tbls Mustard. Fancy or regular
1 Tbls Apple cider vinegar
1 Tbls Orange juice
1/4 Grapeseed oil or olive oil. ( I use grapeseed oil. It has very little flavor to it)
1 Head of Butter lettuce
1 Head of Romaine lettuce
A pinch of salt and pepper


Put your gummy bears into a small pot and just cover with water. On medium heat, melt your gummies. The kids like watching them melt and liquify. Once your gummies are melted, set aside and let cool to room temprature.

Cut the lettuce in a chiffonade. A chiffonade is a fancy way of saying cut into thin strips. The thinner the better. Kids hate big chunks of anything.

In a blender, sealable container or mason jar, add the mustard, vinegar, orange juice, salt and pepper, and your gummy liquid. Turn the blender on low, and slowly drizzle the oil in. If you’re using a container or jar, just ad the gummy liquid, and shake your little heart out.

Taste, and adjust the flavor if needed. Add whatever you think it needs. Everybody’s tastes are different. I LOVE vinegar, so my dressing would have a lot more than someone else’s.

Add your dressing to your greens a half at a time.You don’t want to over dress your salad. Toss well, and serve in salad bowls topped with 3 Gummy Bears. 

My little ones love this salad and so will yours. It’s a hit with the adults as well!


Gourmet Dad
  • Stephanie in KC

    Oh this sounds awesome! Going to add a bit of fruit with the lettuce and the kids will love it!! Thanks Dean, something I have once again never thought of. Your brilliance is your cooking creativity. :)

  • Helen John Photography

    what a great idea!!! i’m totally going to try this with my picky eaters :)