Hot Recipes for Your July 4th Barbeques

Just in time for July 4th barbeques, here are a couple of recipes that are bound to be hits. You can use them all summer long. Be safe, eat well, and happy 4th!!


Deep fried cheesy hot dog with charred onions and quick pickle. You get a nice crunch from the quick pickle, and the acid cuts nicely against the sweet and bitter onions, and the cheese and richness of the battered hot dog.

- 1 package of your favorite hot dogs. I love Hebrew Nationals.
- hot dog buns
- 1 yellow onion
- 1 cucumber
- your favorite cheese
- 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
- 1/4 cup sugar
- salt & pepper
- your favorite condiments
- 2 eggs
- 3 tablespoons milk
- 1/2 cup flour
- 1/2 cup breadcrumbs or Panko breadcrumbs.

Slice cucumber into very thin rounds. Mix sugar, vinegar, salt, and pepper in a bowl and drop in cucumber. Let it soak while you get your dogs ready. Finely slice yellow onion and sauté with a little butter and salt until caramelized and starting to char. Grill or sauté your dogs until cooked.

Cut a “v” into the hot dog lengthwise. This will create a groove to put your favorite cheese in.

Prepare egg and milk in a bowl. In another bowl, add your flour, salt, and pepper, and in a third bowl add your breadcrumbs.

Pack cheese into the groove in the hot dog, dredge the dog in the flour, then dip it into the egg mix, then dip it into the breadcrumbs. Be sure to completely cover the dog. Drop into hot vegetable oil and cook until golden brown. Toast bun, put in hot dog. Top with your charred onions and quick pickles, and dig in.

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Red, white, and blue cheese stuffed burger

- 1 pound ground beef (will make 4 quarter-pound burgers)
- 1 small tub of blue cheese
- 1 package maple glazed ham
- 8 slices of havarti cheese
- 1 package of your favorite hamburger buns
- salt & pepper
- your favorite condiments

Separate 1 pound of ground beef into 4 equal sized balls. Then split the balls into 2 even portions. Flatten out each ball of meat out into a 1/4 inch thick patty. You should have 4 tops, and 4 bottoms.

Starting with a bottom patty, salt and pepper the patty. Put 2 slices of ham on top of the patty, then add about 1 to 2 tablespoons of blue cheese. Take the other patty and lay it on top of the base patty with the ham and blue cheese. Pinch edges to seal patty. Salt and pepper outside of patty.

Grill or pan fry on medium high heat to get a nice crisp on the outside, flip to get a nice crisp on the other side, then place in the oven at 350°F until cooked to desired doneness. Top with 2 slices of havarti. Melt the cheese then serve on a nicely toasted, hearty hamburger bun with lettuce, tomato, mustard and ketchup. Dig in, and prepare to get messy.

Note that I have cooked my burger to rare. That’s how I like them. Only do so if you know your butcher or supermarket very well, and that their beef products are wholesome and fresh. Make sure they have been refrigerated well and come from a very clean environment. This is one way to ensure you do not get a foodborne illness. If you are dining out or you are not familiar with your beef source, I recommend ordering your burger medium well to well done. Around 155°F to 165°F to kill any bacteria that may be present.

What are some of your July 4th barbeque classics?


Gourmet Dad
  • Kathleen O

    That’s excellent advice about the “doneness” of your hamburgers. In Canada, they don’t even ask how we want it cooked, it arrives well-done.
    Several years ago, when I was in Memphis on business several of us went to a famous local burger joint (the one with the toothpicks in the ceiling), we were all asked how we wanted our burgers done which surprised us. Every one of us ordered well-done. There have been far too many cases of e-coli for my comfort so I choose well-done every time when it comes to burgers.
    Do you have recipes for homemade veggie burgers? I love Money’s Mushroom Burgers but I think you can only get them in B.C.

  • Woogie

    Love the advice on doneness. There are not many recipes for hot dogs so like that one too. Will be making the hamburger one tomorrow for 4th of July!

  • Ashleigh

    I tried a couple of these recipes last night – they were delicious! Great tips Dean – thanks! Hope everyone had a fantastic july 4th

  • Faith

    YUM! My mouth is watering just looking at that burger! definitely going to try to convince the BF to make it with me for a post-4th dinner :)

  • Liz

    Hey Dean! Great burgers. My husband, loved them. Keep up the good work!