DIY Dad: Play Kitchen for the Kids


While brainstorming for DIY Dad projects, I came across this awesome homemade play kitchen on Pinterest. I followed the photo’s link to see where this badass creation came from, and it turns out it was made with love by a crafty grandpa! What a cool and creative guy… More photos of this thoughtful project, and the story behind it, are posted on a parenting blog called Still the Flowers Grow. Duly impressed, I went on to search out other DIY play kitchens:


This one, to the left, was created completely out of Ikea components. Gotta love Swedish simplicity. And it’s so affordable to create!

The one below was made from an old entertainment center that I found on a blog called Giggleberry Creations.

Now this is something I gotta try. Next time T and I go antiquing, or if we happen to drive by a yard sale, I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for a base for Liam and Stella’s future play kitchen. They’re gonna flip because they love watching daddy cook!


Personally, I like the entertainment center one the best, because it offers a pantry of sorts – hence, less mess. All of the kitchen “toys” can be stored neatly inside when they are done playing. How cool is that?

I’ll keep you updated as I move forward on this project, and I encourage you all to give this project a shot too.

Do you have any cool homemade projects that have hit a homerun with the kids?


Photo credit: Virginia via,,

  • Marla Murasko

    How creative. I like the entertainment center kitchen as well. It’s amazing how creative people.

    Pinterest has made DIY, cooking, photography etc become so much more fun and exciting. I love it.

    Dean are you on Pinterest yet?

  • AbsFab

    Thats awesome! Ill take one…I know when I was little, I was cooking w/mom as soon as I could reach counter!

  • Steven Harris

    Thats awesome!!