Date Night: Glamping


I don’t know about you guys, but I love camping. There’s something about the smells and sounds of nature and the experience of being one with the elements that really enhances the senses. Everything just feels different out in the “wild.” T, on the other hand, is usually more of a hotel kind of gal, but that doesn’t stop me from bringing the comfort and luxury of a hotel out into the wilderness for a night of romance that we can both enjoy!

Depending on how “outdoorsy” your better half is, you can alter the specifics of this adventurous date night. You can also do it right in your own backyard, so all the amenities of home will be only a hop, skip and a jump away.

First step is to take stock of your resources. If you have a lawn in your backyard, great! If you have trees that would help support a canvass overlay, terrific!! If not, though, you can always use a tent (and a blow-up air mattress for extra comfort). Then just bring a table and chairs outside, set it up to look like a charming European street café (white Christmas lights add extra charm, and ambience and a sexy glow), and be sure not to forget the little things, like flowers and candles. It is the attention to detail that will make this outdoor experiment a bona fide “hot date.”


Because you are outside, there is no TV, internet, or kids to distract you. You will be one-on-one in the fresh air under the stars, able to simply enjoy each other’s company. If the weather is an issue, consider renting a heat lamp to put by the table. Have a bucket of ice and a nice bottle of bubbly nearby, and your wife will melt at your ingenuity.

A deck of cards or board game is another way to add to the fun while spending quality time outdoors together. Another big recommendation I have is a fire pit – you can pick one up at Target for under $60. That way you can roast pineapple wedges and dip them in marshmallow fluff, chocolate or caramel sauce too! And be sure to leave the tent up for a few days…guaranteed the kids will want to camp out as well.

Have you ever surprised your wife with an outdoor date?


  • Pardon My Poppet

    That pic at the top is the most inviting camping scene I’ve ever run across, hands down! Wonder if I can get hubby to set this up in our teeny 17×20 back yard! :-)

    Joy @PardonMyPoppet

  • Beth Funston

    I love it! Not only for adults, but for kids too. Good way to get them outside to enjoy fresh air, away from tech’o gadgets! Thanks!

  • Stephanie in KC

    Camping in the backyard is the best fun and my kids love it! We do need to pick up a fire pit, it is a great way to bring the “great outdoors” home sweet home without all the camping hassels. Thanks Dean!

  • Stephanie Campbell

    I am so going to forward this to my husband. He loves to camp and I am like Tory, more of a hotel kind of gal. Hopefully, he will get the hint and we can go camping in style.

  • Ashleigh

    I love this!! It would be cool to incorporate a camping themed dinner with a romantic twist.. anyone have any ideas?

  • LABCgirl

    I love camping with my friends and ESPECIALLY with my boyfriend. It’s so special and it’s great for bonding…
    I definitely recommend this for a special date night.

  • LABCgirl

    Ashleigh: I love your camping themed dinner idea…. maybe like “fancy hotdogs” so like italian sausage on a brioche bun or something. And for desert some sort of twist on a s’more!

    That’s all I could think of… anyone else have any ideas?

  • Faith

    i love this idea, definitely going to suggest it to my BF! a camping themed dinner idea sound amazing too, love the fancy hotdog idea LABCgirl. there’s gotta be some sort of fancy s’more brownie recipe or something out there…

  • Steven Harris

    WOW! Awesome idea..has anyone tried this yet? Curious to see what the other half’s reaction was..

  • Kerry

    I must admit, I am like Tori in the sense that I am also a hotel girl….soooo not a camper. But this looks awesome. I have a king-size Aerobed and fancy sheets. The rest is totally doable. Thanks for the tip, Dean. The next opportunity I get, I am going to make this happen!

  • JT

    What a cool idea and soooo much nicer than just a tent…It would be great with your partner OR camping with ya besties….alittle class under the stars….great idea Dean … would be Awesome…..:-)JT

  • Dee

    I have a group of girlfrinds, many have husbands and some don’t. We allow the guys to come and help us carry all the stuff and help set up. They are allowed to spend one or two nights and then the girls and all the kids (as many as 15)stay the rest of the week. It is not that we need them to set up (they felt left out and coming at the end of the week-not so good-we are done). We don’t camp- we have tents like homes. Air conditioning (ok that was only me) but everyone has fans, refridgeraters, air beds, lamps, rugs and the food is great. I think if you did that with Tori and the kids it would be great. We do game night, movie night and fun all week. So see if Tori is now up for that- after your date night she might be. Dee