Don’t Let V.V.S. Happen to YOU!

Anyone who saw Tuesday’s post knows I’m guilty of being a V.V.S. dummy, and I shot my video vertically. I am tech knowledgeable, but technology hates me. I know how to install all the right stuff, and know how it works, but when I go to use it for the purpose it was intended, it doesn’t work for me. It works for everybody but me!!! It’s so frustrating. Easy install and easy to use my #@$!! Easy to install; yes. Easy to use; hell no.!!!

If you’re unfamiliar with V.V.S., watch the hysterical comedy video below from the brilliant Glove and Boots team. Knowing is half the battle, so please take a look and do your part to help stop V.V.S.


Are you a tech wiz or a vidiot?  Any important tips to share with amateur camerapersons?

  • Pardon My Poppet

    Okay, that was downright hilarious! I noticed you had shot vertical, but figured you had done it for artistic effect with the long table with food and knives, ya know, since you’re in the film business and all! :-) Guess that makes me a vidiot too! Thanks for fessing up!

    Warmest regards,

  • Dayna Bickham

    “George Lucas will re-release Star Wars again! The Skinny edition!” I laughed out loud. SO Funny!

  • Ashley England

    This is so funny!

  • Lisa Broadley

    that was a hilarious video!! I was wondering why your video looked like that! I’m glad you’ve realized your ‘problem’ and that it won’t happen again!

  • Kara Williams

    My husband just posted this the other day on my Facebook page. Won’t be doing that any more. Too cute!

  • Beth Funston

    There is a name for it?? Oh wow! I am so relieve and to know there is a name for it. Ahh….I have V.V.S. AND, there is a cure for it! Thank you so much. I have hope now for a better video. ;-)