• Pardon My Poppet

    If you can deliver on getting my 19-month-old to try new things I will be forever grateful! And totally agree that cooking and experiencing food as a family is the best! Love doing stuff with my hubby and daughter that brings us closer together and educates us on making healthier choices for our lives!

    Warmest regards,

  • sherri

    Cannot wait to try some new ideas!

  • bottledupchai

    You have such a wonderful presence on camera. I really feel that you deserve your own cooking show. It would be amazing to see. I can not wait to have my boyfriend come home from Afghanistan and to cook with him again. We just got our first home together and got a new stove the other day and I am sincerely looking forward to trying some of your dishes once he gets back. Great start to your website. God bless to you and your family. :)

  • neen

    If you can make some meals without adding salt that would be great too, I’m on a no salt diet and it’s hard making meals without it, well for me it is..

  • SaveAbull

    Hi Dean,
    I would love to see some of your recipes on your website. Have a wonderful week.

  • Rachel S.

    I am preparing an Italian dinner menu for approximately 40 gentlemen. I have everything planned except dessert. Any suggestions on an easy dessert that can be prepared ahead of time?

  • DiGirl2012

    Dean, your new site is awesome. Can’t wait to see you cooking! You and Tori rock. Have always been a huge fan. I think you need your own cooking show on The Food Network!!! Looking forward to more exciting posts from you! Take care!

  • Lex

    Hi Dean … all the best with your new site.

    As a vegan I would love it if you would create a gourmet dinner using no oil, eggs or dairy, and of course meat.

    I have loved watching you and your family…thanks for sharing with all of us.

  • bonnie robison

    Sending blessing’s from Oregon. Great new site. We love everything you do. & Tori 2 LOL…

  • Julie DeFio

    Hi Dean! I’m looking forward to your new site…thank you for taking the time out to share with us! Since it’s Summer and my hubby and son are *Everything Barbecue*, I could really use some of your tips and possibly some recipe ideas. I hope you have a wonderful start to summer with your beautiful Family!! :)

  • Pati Rhea

    I am a fan of your show and try to DVR it when I’m not going to be home to watch. Can’t wait to see what you cook up! I’m so jealous of your new Kitchenaid mixer. I follow Un Amore Designs, too, Have been trying to decide what design to have her put on mine! The postage to Alaska alone is gonna be almost as much as mixer! LOL. You know what I’m talking about, coming from Canada. I’m an avid baker and I do mean AVID! I have lots of great cookie recipes for the kids an even a gourmet cookie recipe or two if you ever have a link for a recipe swap.