• bottledupchai

    Those houses turned out great! I’m so excited you started a site. My boyfriend is in Afghanistan and will be home in a few months and I’d love you to post more recipes because I’m looking to make something light and hearty for him to come home to. He’d love a great apple inspired dessert too. I follow everything you and Tori and am so excited to see what’s to come on this website. Will you ever create a do it yourself book one day or a cookbook? I think that would be awesome. :)

  • Shannon

    I have watched your family grow and change so much over the past few years. I love how real and authentic you guys are. You give reality T.V. that dose of “reality” that it needs. I agree with the above poster that a biography/ cookbook would be a great idea.

  • Laela

    Hi Dean:

    Laela here. Watching the show. Lovng it. Give me a call if you get to Toronto anytime. You can reach me at the agency. Laela (KG)

  • neen

    Hi Dean,

    Congrats on this new site, love how those sponge bob houses came out, I make disney characters out of wood and put them up during the holidays. Do everything myself, just like you…Can’t wait to see the things you do and make..I loved how you rode your motorcycle and let us see how you drive it on the speedway track, that was so cool. I enjoy all your shows and watching your family grow. Keep up the good work…Deneen

  • Imelda

    Excited for your new site! My family consists of my hubby,myself,our four beautiful girls and two dogs.We are big fans of your growing family!One project I would love to see you make is a small jungle gym that would be safe for a 1 yr old.Maybe with some padding on it and a climbing feature, she loves climbing.

  • Pardon My Poppet

    Since you’re offering to possibly come to my house and make something, and you clearly have skills when it comes to imagination and designing/creating/executing those skills, here goes:

    My hubby has always dreamed of making our 19 month old daughter a doll house. A really cool dollhouse. We struggled for 13 years with infertility, and no sooner did he find out our gift was going to be a girl, than he voiced this desire. One problem…….um…..He doesn’t know how to do it. Would be great for him to have a tutorial (or a hands-on session :-) He’s a super dad too!

    Warmest regards,

  • Kelly DeJesus

    Dean. That is awesome. Im doing a Scooby Doo themed party for my son Labor Day weekend. Any ideas?

  • Dean McDermott

    Hey everyone.

    Thank you so much for checking out my site. I am trying to answer your questions, but unfortunately I’m having internet problems. My internet strength is .7, whatever that means.?? Al I know is it is bad. Please bare with me as I try to remedy the problem. Keep sending in your questions and requests.

    Thanks to All.

    Dean Mcdermott

    The Gourmet Dad.

  • blndprf

    Hey Dean:

    I have started to plan my daughters 1st birthday party and the theme is ladybugs, since that is the nickname my husband gave our little girl (because of a sleeper that someone bought for her…random I know!). Anyway, I was wondering if you might have some tips and/or ideas on decorations and things to do at a 1st birthday party, as this is my first time planning one.

  • Stephanie Campbell

    Can I say that you are one awesome dude. I love how you are so hands on with your kids and make all that cool stuff for them. I think it is awesome that you love to cook too.


    if you ever want a holiday in Australia, let me know! DIY Dean down under! Am sure my kids would love it!

  • Barb Turcotte

    Can’t wait to see all your ideas and posts on here Dean. Great idea! However do you have the time though, wow,

  • Jessa

    I love that you make your own decorations for the kids parties. My daughter turns 2 in July and she loves Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Friends but they don’t make any decorations in that theme, so i’m making my own giant bug characters like you did with sponge bob’s house.

  • crystal dyson

    omg dean it would be my dream to meet u and the whole family im a huge fan.we are friends on fb.i would love for u to build a sponge bob house. i love love watching the show wouldnt miss it im friends with patsy to love her.couldnt get pic up its on my fb page look me up my husband races lawnmowers love for u to see

  • Marla Murasko

    Dean you are such a great dad. I love how involved you get for your kids birthday parties. I wish my husband was as handy as you but he’s still a great dad just the same.

    My little guy who turned six in March was diagnosed at birth with down syndrome and a congenital heart defect which required him to have surgery at 16 days old and then open heart surgery at 6 months old. He’s doing fabulous and is the light of our life.

    I have to admit I hate the regular park playgrounds I think they are so unsafe, especially for children with special needs. That have low tone and depth perception issues. Plus to be honest really how fun are they?

    He loves Disney Mickey Mouse and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Would love to put you up to the challenge of creating a pirate ship that is fun, interactive and safe for my special man. You can read more about him at http://www.special-and-determined.com.

    Would love for you to visit the Hoosier state. Thanks for being such a great role model.

  • deansmyfantasy

    I am very impressed in the role model you are for your kids.. My son watched an episode of tori and dean, which you and Liam made a Volcano, he talks about that to this Day. After seeing your video, we brainstormed and he would like a treehouse built in the backyard. Although you would have fly to Florida! Im sure it could be arranged.. Hope it is of interest.