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As a dad to four—soon to be five—incredible kids, life can get extremely messy and busy from time to time.  So when I am afforded the time to really sit back and enjoy this wonderful family that Tori and I have built, I really like to make those moments last.

Whether it is cooking a special meal for my wife or getting creative with the kids in the kitchen, I will be sharing some of my tips and tricks for making those delicious and memorable moments with your family.

While I like to think I am a man with all the answers, I never turn down sound advice.  So I want to hear from you!  What special things are you “cooking up” with your family?  How do you deal with the everyday messes?  Share them with the group!


Gourmet Dad
  • Stevie T

    I love that you are so involved in your kids lives….more dads should be like that. Thanks for all that you do! :)

  • Sarah Ostlund

    I want that Hello Kitty mixing bowl!!

  • Kristine

    i love watching you and Tori and children on your Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood. You remind a lot of my husband it’s great to see such hands on parents. Can’t wait to see your future recipes.

  • Dayna Bickham

    Everyday messes get delegated thank you very much.

    I work from home, but I try to keep up with the house myself. It is nearly impossible with two teen daughters, a 75 year old mom in love and a hubs that can’t remember where he put his baseball cap, much less the remote.

    So I parcel out those messes to the mess makers to clean and I am a much more calm and kind momma!

  • Tabby

    Love you guys, you seem to have the perfect lil family. I’ve always wanted to go to culinary school but it has never seemed to fit into our life schedule. Congrats on the new baby.

  • catmom5177

    Dean Congrats on your new website. As always I look forward to seeing you guys on tv, but knowing I can see recipes you use and that makes me happy. Thanks for being you! I love your family and everybody just gets cuter and cuter. My boyfriend wanted to go to culinary school and we are hoping his older son who will be 17 will go after high school. Thanks in advance for what you all do! I hope to see you all soon on tv again.

  • Jenn

    I love watching your show (and I typically hate “reality” TV!)…you are both truly wonderful parents and partners. Your outlook on life, love and family are inspirational. I also love to cook for my family and look forward to your recipes, tips and ideas. I’ve just recently become a vegetarian so I hope you’ll include plenty of recipes for us former carnivores, too! :)

  • Darren

    Love the site man! Looking forward to stopping by daily to take a look at what you’ve got going on. Proud of you! #TeamCanada

  • Angel

    Love the new Site! Looking forward to seeing new recipes and crafts. I enjoy rubberstamping and scrapbooking myself.

  • gooma

    Dean, I need some help!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have any ideas for a breakfast bake, I have a Baby Shower Brunch, and I need to bring a dish….Thanks

  • cloyeej

    I love, love, love your new site…you and Tori are an inspiration to all that watch and read all about you and your family. You don’t often find a couple that is dedicated to their spouses and children the way the two of you are!!! I love your show and look forward to seeing what’s new with you and your family! Such an honest to goodness down to earth family. I’m loving every minute of it!!! Keep those recipes and craft ideas coming! Best of luck to the both of you with ALL your endeavors!!!! Thanks for honest, clean entertainment!

  • Pardon My Poppet

    I used to cook all the time. Leftovers never used to be in our gourmet vocabulary. Then, after 13 years of marriage we were pleasantly surprised by the expectation of our daughter.

    Well…..needless to say, with baby brain (can I still claim that 19 months in?), and sleepless nights, I’ve lost all ability to put a menu together. I’m SO looking forward to seeing what you still whip up with 4 running around! There has to be more to post-baby life than poutine? :-)

    Warmest regards,

  • Jenn

    Dean, I’ve just added one of my favorite vegetarian recipes and will add more favorites soon. Becoming a vegetarian has been easier than I imagined. I find that eating healthy,fresh foods is not only very filling but makes it the transition so much easier, in fact I honestly don’t miss any of the meat! There are some excellent vegetarian and vegan cookbooks available which inspire me daily. Also, if Jack ever feels he needs a little motivation to stick with being a vegetarian (and you think it is age appropriate reading), I HIGHLY recommend the book “Farm Sanctuary” by Gene Baur. It’s eye-opening and serves as a truly visceral motivation to chose a meat-free diet (or at least chose to only eat local, humanely raised animals). Have a great weekend!

  • Corie Renz

    I am a very busy working mom of 3 boys and a husband who is a baseball coach. So Sundays are my day where I have to try and prepare what I can in advance for the meals of the week. I feel that a home cooked meal is the best option even if we can’t all sit down at the table together all the time. So I am looking forward to you hopefully sharing some meals that can prepared in advance or even just some easy quick recipes. I love to cook and bake.

    As for the every day messes. I don’t think there is ever a day without one, but I do try to get little things done around the home each night so it is not all piled up on me :) Also, like you my husband helps out a ton around the home and he is off in the summers so makes my job a bit easier. Thank the Lord because we are running around to 2 of my kids baseball games, my husbands teams summer ball games so he also tries to do some cooking and have dinner ready when I get home. So nice to see husbands who are now getting so much more involved in raising the family. I love you watch your family in action on your shows!! Can’t wait to see all you have to share on this site.