The Family Man



From entertaining and design, to romancing your lady and playing with the kids, I think a modern family man can do it all.  I have many personal interests, in and out of the home, and it can be hard to balance everything.  But in order to be the best father and husband I can be, it is so important to give all of my pastimes some attention too.

So in this section, I will offer a glimpse into some of my regular activities and habits as a dad, husband and all around do-it-yourselfer, and share with you my advice for keeping the balance between it all.  And of course, if you have some helpful tips, great stories or general insights into being an all-around renaissance man, please share the wealth!



  • Kristine

    your family is so beautiful and adorable. Love the pictures on your site.

  • Dayna Bickham

    Can’t offer any advice on the Manly man part, but I can say I am looking forward to reading the blog. Take care!

  • Dawn Kirshy

    When Is ya’llls show coming back on? look forward to see y’all on tv again!!